The Secrets to Pass Post UMTE Examinations In Nigeria

The Secrets To Pass Post UMTE Examinations In Nigeria



Post UMTE Examinations come after JAMB results. They are exams set by the various Universities to test the actual competence or ability of a candidate after JAMB has released her results.


Like any other exams, there is nothing too different about the UTME exams. The only difference is the University, its independent conduct and requirements. So a student wishing to seat for this examination must prepare seriously for the exams since is the surest way to gaining admission into the University of his or her choice.


What therefore are the secrets to pass a Post UTME examinations in Nigeria? The following steps are the secrets you must know and I enjoin every candidate to read this work:




  1. Basic or Relevant Text Books: This is one of the most important steps a candidate must take. Once you have gotten the relevant text books or materials, then the ball is in your cut to passing the exams. Relevant text books in this regard refer to simplified, elaborate texts, that when you read, you understand so easily, one of the Secrets to Pass Post UMTE Exams In Nigeria


  1. Adequate Preparations: By this, I mean attending classes and reading omnivorously (reading hungrily for the exams). Infact, there is no two ways about reading and passing with distinctions. You must be serious minded in your study and ensure you understand what you are reading. Is not all about just reading but ability to assimilate and digest what you have read is one of the secrets to pass the Post UTME exams in Nigeria.


  1. Laying Hands on Past Questions: This could be of immense help as another secret to pass the Post UTME exams with distinctions. Sometimes reading so hard without knowing what to expect or how to answer the questions could lead to failure. The past questions are supposed to be a guide in answering subsequent examination questions especially when some questions are repeated.
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Some universities sometimes go beyond their own past questions by randomly picking past JAMB questions. So you need to lay hands on past JAMB questions and other relevant texts to your field of study and read omnivorously (hungrily) in order to widen your scope. Also when you study past questions, whether JAMB, Post UTME questions, please approach your teacher for a guide.  Is another surest secret to pass the post UTME exams.


Most often, some questions are repeated yearly. It gives you an edge over someone who has not practiced those questions at all. When you see such repeated question or questions in your exams, you simply devour them speedily and no doubt this will lunch you to knowing the secrets to pass the Post UTME exams in Nigeria with distinctions.


  1. Long Period of Preparation: Rome they say ‘was not built in a day’. Therefore, long time study gives you secret, the confidence and courage both physically, mentally to do your best in the exams. For instance, a candidate who believes in last hour rush could breakdown or lost out completely. Note is same as other exams you have taken before that brought you to that level. So is no big deal. This is why some brilliant students perform poorly in their examinations and in most cases, attribute it to unforeseen circumstances. Once you have read, be confident in yourself that you will pass. Do not think of an alternative route to make it or hope the person that will sit by your side will help you. Just be yourself and surely another secret to pass the Post UTME examinations in Nigeria.


  1. Exam Periods: Exam periods are not time to read so hard, rather periods to imagine possible questions to meet and manner of answering them. Examination periods are periods for group lessons or tutorials among your mates who have same intents. The importance of this is that you develop or have mental pictures of what you should expect and how to go about it. Is another avenue of sharing ideas and technicalities among your mates in answering questions brilliantly. When you have done this, surely, you have gotten one of the secrets to pass the Post UTME exams in Nigeria with distinctions.
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  1. Writing the Exams: This is the climax of the whole exercise. The first thing you should do is when you have taken your seat in the hall, pray to God for retentive memory. God first! And before attempting any question, read the instructions carefully. Don’t jump into answering any question without knowing what and what not is required of you. This issue has ruined many candidates ability to pass because they did not read what the instruction says. Remain calm, cool and confident in yourself and you would have gotten the secrets to pass the Post UTME exams in Nigeria without any problem.




If you must know the secrets to pass the Post UTME examinations in Nigeria, you must avoid the following negative tendencies:


  1. Avoid Fear: Yes! irrational fear or unnecessary tension could make a candidate to fail woefully. That will not be your portion in the Name of Jesus. When you have read your books and prepared for the Post UTME exams, one of the secrets to pass the Post UTME exams adequately, have nothing to fear. They will not go outside your syllabus or scheme of work. Even if they digress a little, this should not throw you off balance, because exams are meant to test your intelligence ability. Fear could drive you to make a costly mistake and this will not be good for someone who has read or prepared mentally and physically for an examination like the Post UTME exams.


  1. Time Duration: Do not forget the time limit for the exams. Unlike WAEC or NECO, Post UTME questions set, are mainly objectives and require strict adherence to time. You must be focused and straight to the point and avoid guess work. Any work that appears to be too difficult SHOULD either be skipped or suspended and probably be revisited if time permits so as to be able to attempt other simpler questions. Do not spend so much time on each question.
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  1. Overzealousness: like I said earlier on, be calm and confident. Don’t create unnecessary tension within you. If you are too overzealous, you could miss vital points or completely disorganized. This is why some brilliant students perform below expectations in Post UTME exams and any other exams and they blame it on victimization on the part of the examiner. If you have passed JAMB, there is nothing to fear about Post UTME examinations and surely another secret to pass the POST UTME EXAMINATIONS in Nigeria.


In conclusion, there is no magic to passing any examination and indeed a Post UTME examinations in Nigeria without adequate preparations. There is no alternative way to passing any examination other than to register for the exams, have the relevant text books, make adequate preparations by reading so hard and be confident in yourself.  When you have followed the above mentioned steps and avoid those negative tendencies, NO DOUBT will give you the secrets to pass the POST UTME EXAMINATIONS in Nigeria without any problem.

















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