Actress Deborah Anugwa: Biography And Net Worth

Deborah Anugwa is a popular actress and fashion designer famous with a role in a movie, Sekinat on the Africa Magic Television series “Hustle” alongside Maurice Sam, Uzor Osimkpa.
Deborah is from Abia state and had her education at the University of Ibadan, Lagos Campus where she studied Education Management.

Her Acting Career
Deborah started acting dated back to her days in her local Church when she used to perform stage plays and dramas.
Through the help of a friend, she joined Nollywood and had series of auditions which eventually earned her a role in Fuji House. She got the support of her family members especially his elder brother and settled down as full time actress.
Deborah is such a creative and highly talented Nollywood actress, known for good interpretation of roles in movies. She however revealed that she cannot take all roles given to her saying there are some roles that portrays someone as indecent personality.

Deborah acted her first movie in 2011 in a television commercial before she began professionally in 2012. She has since starred in several Nollywood movies both English and Igbo.

Deborah Anugwa won Best actress in a Comedy for her role in television series “Hustle” at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, an edition that has the cast of top Nollywood Actresses like Kate Henshaw, Sola Sobowale, Elvis Poko and John Joshua.
The Nollywood superstar revealed that her first role to kiss on stage was very ‘uncomfortable’ but she had to do it because she wanted to be known to play her role well.
According to the Hustle star, “I have kissed in a movie and I didn’t feel cool with it but I had to do it. It was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. I thought about it and I had to do it even though it wasn’t a French kiss.”
As much as she has kissed in a movie, Deborah said there are certain roles she would not take.
“I know I will not expose my body. It is a job but I mustn’t do all jobs. I have to think of my reputation and decency.”

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Her Net Worth
Deborah Anugwa is indeed a force to reckon with in Nollywood, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $100,000 dollars.
You can reach her on instagram: @deborah_anugwa
Facebook: @deborah Anugwa

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