Uchechi Okonkwo (Ada Kirikiri): Biography And Net Worth

Uchechi Okonkwo Treasure is her real full name but widely known as Ada Kirikiri. She is a popular Nigerian teenage actress, gospel singer and dancer.
She was born on October 12, though actual year of her birth is not known. Uchechi hails from Owerri, Imo State where she is currently doing her secondary education.

Her Career
Uchechi Okonkwo kick-started her career as a teenage Nollywood actress some years back and has proved very talented.
She has so far featured in several Nollywood movies and comedy including:
• Chief and Lolo Imo
• No Leave no Transfer
• The Couple
• Twins Killing Forest among many others.

Uchechi is an up-coming young actress, beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood star. She is gifted in interpreting roles in movies brilliantly and she is known to play kids roles in most movies.

Aside acting, Uchechi is also a good gospel singer and dancer with several hit songs to her credit.
Some of her songs include Okeosisi, Jesus and others.

Uchechi Okonkwo is very active on social media with large followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. You can reach her on her instagram handle @adakirikiri.
YouTube Channel: Ada kirikiri.

Her Personal Life
Uchechi Okonkwo is a fast rising Nigerian entertainer presently focusing on her education, acting and music career.
Many have asked the question if Chief Imo is Uchechi’s real biological father. The answer is no, they are co-actors in the entertainment world.

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Her Net Worth
Uchechi Okonkwo is indeed a true Nigerian all-round teenage entertainer with an estimated net worth of about $40,000 dollars.

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