Helena Nelson: Biography And Net Worth

Helena Nelson is a fast rising Nollywood actress who has featured in movies like Landmine Goes Click 2015, The Rainbowmaker (2008) MTV Shuga season 3 and The After Show 2019.
Date, year and place of her birth are not known. She is a Nigerian actress known for playing intriguing roles in movies.

Her Acting Career
Helena began acting at a young age when she used to acts drama and plays in her local Church, a strong passion she nursed from childhood.

She became professionally known after playing a tremendous roles in TV series as ‘Diana’ in the new season of MTV Shuga.
Helena Nelson has featured on productions such ‘Clinic Matters’, ‘Until You’re 16’ and ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, improving by the day and gaining more and more popularity in the acting industry.

She is beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood star with good interpretation of roles in movies. She can take up any character she is given in a movie and make it so real.
The talented actress revealed that nobody inspired her to be an actress, but a passion she has loved from childhood.

One unique thing about this superstar is that she believes that she has her life in her palm and the ability to change things. This, Helena confessed has always been her guiding principle in life and what keeps her going.

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Helena also revealed that the central focus of ‘Shuga’ is the social messaging. In her words, “Shuga brought a new kind of flow that teenagers and young people could relate to. It’s like the everyday life. That is what I love about the show. The simplicity in passing messages across to billions of people all over the world”.

Helena cited rape as such social problem and a daily occurrence in Nigeria, an act that is criminal and widely condemnable. She also said she was a victim of rape, stating that “I have been actively involved in the issues of sexual assault, rape, molestation etc and the amount of people (male and female) who have been raped are alarming”.
She concluded that the topic is brought to life so that people will not get scared of naming their rapists.

Her Personal Life
Helena Nelson is not yet married, but believed to be in a relationship which she has not disclosed to the public or social media.
Helena who described herself as fun, simple and strong, revealed that she looks forward to accomplish three things in her life, notably to:
• Own estates in every city in Nigeria and beyond.
• Own an intercontinental restaurant that cuts across the world.
• Own a Charity hospital.

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Her Net Worth
Helena Nelson is indeed a talent in the Nigerian entertainment industry with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 dollars.

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