Actress Tubosun Aiyedehin: Biography And Net Worth

Tubosun Aiyedehin, also fondly and widely known as Tuby, is a popular Nigerian actress known for movies like ”Two Brides and A Baby” (2011), ”Kpians: The Feast of Soul” (2014),

She was born on June 20, but year and actual place of birth not known. Her educational background is also not available. Tubosun is of an Igbo decent.

Her Acting Career
Tubosun began acting professionally some years back and has proved to be very good, playing amazingly interesting roles in movies.

She has so far starred in several Nollywood and television series, including:

• A Day with Death (Short Film, 2014
• Before 30, a TV Series 2015)
• Moth to A Flame (2016)
• Hell of High Water (Short Film, 2016)
• Hush another TV Series 2016-2017)
• 93 Days (2016)
• Oreva (2017) and
• Hakkunde (2017)
• The Ten Virgins (2018) among numerous others.

Tubosun Aiyedehin is creative, skillful and exceptionally talented known for good delivery of roles in movies. She is calm, comported and widely known to be a good actress, giving acting real life situation.

She takes the role of a mother or house wife in most movies and her style of acting is loved and cherished by many.

Tubosun Aiyedehin won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the 4th Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her role in ”Before 30” in 2016.

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She also got the nomination for the category of Best African Supporting Actress in the movie, Diary of the Damned at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2020.

Her Personal Life
Tubosun is not yet married, but believed to be in a relationship which has not received public or social media attention.

Her Net Worth
Tubosun Aiyedehin is indeed a talent in Nollywood, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $250,000 dollars.

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