Ijeoma Grace Agu: Biography And Net Worth

Ijeoma Grace is a famous Nigerian actress. Agu is the first of five children in the family. She had her upbringing in Benin City and Lagos State. Date and year of her birth are not known. Educational Background Ijeoma Grace Agu had her primary and secondary education in Benin and Lagos state respectively. She later […]

Shasha Donald: Biography And Net Worth

Shasha Donald Nkechi is her real name, but fondly described by her friends and numerous fans as Bugattii. She is a popular Nollywood actress, brand influencer and dancer who has featured in several movies. Shasha Donald was born in October 14 in Enugu State in the south eastern Nigeria. Her year of birth is not […]

Bianca Ugowanne: Biography And Net Worth

Bianca Ugowanne is a fast up-coming Nollywood actress, script writer and television personality, known for her brilliant role in the lighthearted comedy movie, ‘Dear Affy’. She was born and bred up in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She is currently based in Lagos where she made a full career in acting. Date and year […]

Nini Mbonu: Biography And Net Worth

Nini Mbonu has her real full name as Nini Chinelo Mbonu. She is a popularly known beautiful and talented Nollywood actress, tv personality, gospel singer, model and entrepreneur who played an exceptional role as Vicky on Tinsel. She was born on September 4, but year of her birth not known. She hails from Agulu Community […]

Actress Thelma Okoduwa: Biography And Net Worth

Thelma Okoduwa Ojiji is her name but simply and fondly called Thelma Okoduwa. She is a beautiful and fast up-coming Nollywood actress. She was born on March 9. Year of her birth is not known. Thelma is from Uromi in Esan North of Edo State. Educational Background Thelma Okoduwa studied Computer Science from University of […]

Thelma Nwosu: Biography And Net Worth

Thelma Nwosu has her full name as Thelma Umuneoma Ummie Nwosu. She is a popular actress, TV Voice-over artiste, motivational speaker and model domicile in Lagos, Nigeria.She was born the third child to her educationist parents, Sunday Nwosu, a college instructor and Josephine Nwosu, a secondary school principal. Thelma hails from Elu-Obayi Ovim in Southeastern […]

Means Of Transportation

Transportation is a means whereby goods and passengers are carried from one place to another. Means of Transportation are: Road, Sea, Air and Rail. Road Transport: This is transportation by land and is made possible through vehicles such as cars, buses, lorry, truck, vans etc. People connected to road transport:- Pedestrian, driver, passengers, motorist, mechanic, […]

Homophones And Homonyms: Simplified Meaning And Examples

Two words are homophones, if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning and spelling. Notable example are: Bare and bear. Cease         Seize Face            Phase Lice             Lies Gross          Grows Seal             Zeal Fears           Fierce Brother        Broader Hear            Here Gun             Gum Confession  Confusion Bums           Burns Lather          Ladder   Homonyms Two […]

Justine Skye: Biography And Net Worth

Justine Indira Skyers is her birth name, but widely and professionally known as Justine Skye. She is an American singer, rapper, writer, model and entrepreneur. She was born August 24, 1995 in Fort Greene Brooklyn, New York, USA to Jamaican parents. She had her upbringing in Brooklyn where she had her elementary and high education […]

Alpha P: Biography And Net Worth

Princewill Emmanuel is his name, but widely and professionally known as Alpha P. He is a young and popular Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter. He was born on February 26, 2002 in Benin City, Edo State. He is the fourth child in a family of seven children. Alpha P is an indigene of Edo State […]