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Needed Literary Terms To Pass WAEC/NECO And Other Exams.

Literary terms or literary appreciation form part of English Literature and English Language. The terms are commonly used to either emphasize or strengthen their compositions. In this post, we shall bring out a number of very important literary terms in a simple diction, their meanings and usage that will help equip the students of Literature, […]

Top 10 Rated Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria

  Education they say is the best legacy any parents can bequeath to his children. Thus, getting your child to one of the best schools is a great way to invest heavily in their future so as to groom them academically, socially and morally so that they can relate well in the society. Cretaria for […]

Pass English Knowing Direct And Indirect Speeches

  Direct and indirect speeches are very important in our spoken and written English Language. Students, whether graduates, undergraduates, WAEC students as well as those who want to have a good command of English language need to know the usage of direct and indirect speeches. This post will bring out the meaning, usage and the […]

Needed Tools For Answering Comprehension And Summary

  Comprehension and summary in English language require knowing some tools or keywords instead of long sentences or phrases. This will require the students or candidates sitting for any exams to avoid long and repetitive sentences especially where it is needed to be summarized. For instance, a person who is good at running or jumping […]