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Means Of Transportation

Transportation is a means whereby goods and passengers are carried from one place to another. Means of Transportation are: Road, Sea, Air and Rail. Road Transport: This is transportation by land and is made possible through vehicles such as cars, buses, lorry, truck, vans etc. People connected to road transport:- Pedestrian, driver, passengers, motorist, mechanic, […]

Homophones And Homonyms: Simplified Meaning And Examples

Two words are homophones, if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning and spelling. Notable example are: Bare and bear. Cease         Seize Face            Phase Lice             Lies Gross          Grows Seal             Zeal Fears           Fierce Brother        Broader Hear            Here Gun             Gum Confession  Confusion Bums           Burns Lather          Ladder   Homonyms Two […]

Administration: Meaning, Functions And Words Connected To It.

Administration refers to the group of individuals or leadership positions who are in charge of creating and enforcing rules and regulations. Commonsensically speaking, administration involves “dispensing, delivering, issuing, giving, provision, providing, application, applying, discharge, allotment, distribution, apportionment, apportioning, dealing out, handing out, meting out, measuring out, doling out, disbursement, disbursing, bestowal, infliction, inflicting, imposition, imposing, […]

Essay Writing: Meaning, Types And Hints

An essay can be aptly described as short piece of writing, telling story either about the writer or social, political and economic issues bothering mankind. An essay can be formal or informal. Formal essays are said to be academically enterprising in nature involving serious topics. An informal essays, on the other hand are personal with […]

Letter Writing: Types And Features

Letter Writing can be briefly defined as a hand written or typed message sent to the receiver via post or e-mail. A letter writing can be formal or informal. Formal letters have pattern or procedure which are kept professionally. They have two addresses of the writer and the recipient. Letters to constituted authorities and business […]

Pronoun: Meaning And Types

Pronouns are words used in place of noun. Types of Pronoun 1. Personal Pronoun: It is made up of 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person pronoun. They are in singular and phrasal form. E.g. Singular Plural I, We 1st person You, You 2nd person He, They She, They 3rd person It, They 1. First […]

Drugs And Drug Abuse, Effects And Prevention

Drugs are substances other than food consumed which can change ailment positively or damage the functionality of the body when taken. Drug abuse or substance abuse on the other hand “refers to the use of certain chemicals for the purpose of creating pleasurable effects on the brain”. In other words, it is a harmful substance […]

Summary: Simplified Meaning And Requirements

Summary is a brief or concise account of the main points without losing its original content. It is an advanced form of comprehension. It is stating in few words what has been said in many words. It means that the passage to be summarized is well understood, yet retain the essential ideas being discussed. Requirement […]