How TO Pass Mathematics With Ease In WAEC And NECO

How To Pass Mathematics With Ease In WAEC and NECO.

The need to pass Mathematics with ease in WAEC and NECO  has been a subject of concern both in the past and present time.

On yearly basis, statistics have shown that over 50% of candidates who registered for mathematics and English language as well fail, thereby making it impossible for them to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This trend has raised concern both from the government and privates to unravel the cause or causes of mass failure in mathematics in Nigeria.

What therefore is the reason or reasons for this mass failure in mathematics in WAEC and NECO? What are the myths surrounding the subject mathematics? If any, how do we break the jinx? In other words, what methods or techniques should be employed to teach mathematics as a subject in schools so that greater percentage number of candidates who registered for the WAEC and NECO examination will pass the subject with ease.

One cannot therefore proffer solutions to this problem of mass failure in mathematics without bringing out the reasons for mass failure in WAEC and NECO examinations. They are:

  1. Pre-disposed Hatred for the subject: Yes! Many students even before they entered school, had a pre-conceived notion or idea that mathematics is a difficult subject and to pass the subject is not for all comers. So, coming to secondary school system, they develop hatred or un-seriousness towards studying or knowing mathematics.
  2. Lack of experienced and well trained teachers: Is another reason for mass failure in mathematics in WAEC and NECO. A number of the teachers who teach the subject are either half-baked and inexperienced. For instance, this make it very difficult to break the down the subject to a simplified level for easier assimilation among students in secondary level.
  3. Lack of modern techniques or materials: are responsible for mass failure in mathematics in WAEC and NECO examinations in Nigeria. Researchers have shown that apart from text books or materials in mathematics, we now have modern techniques like audio and video technology to bring the subject down to a more simplified level for students in the secondary school level. This is lacking in our school system.
  4. Irrational Fear among students: is another cause of failure of mathematics in WAEC and NECO examinations. The fear among many students that the subject mathematics is difficult to pass has made many to run from it. They see the subject as too abstract to comprehend and prefer the subjects that they can read and digest so easily.
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What then are the possible solutions for candidates to pass WAEC and NECO examinations with ease? The following techniques or methods should be employed:

  1. Total Overhauling of the entire system: This is by making it compulsory for all students who have the intents to read law, Arts, social science and sciences to pass the subject mathematics as a pre-requisite for any admission into the university. This will make the students to sit up and see mathematics as a subject they must learn to pass.
  2. The government should declare state of emergency in area of mathematics: by providing modern techniques and materials in teaching the subject. The government should as a matter of urgency send a number of mathematics teachers abroad to acquire the modern methods and techniques. In most advanced countries today, the methods of teaching mathematics have gone beyond using text books and conventional learning alone.
  3. The teaching method should be simplified: This is one area that needs to be re-visited in teaching mathematics and making the candidates pass mathematics with ease in WAEC and NECO examinations. The subject should be broken down to a more simplified form for easier learning and comprehension. In addition, students should be made to memorize the formulae compulsorily to solve mathematical questions.
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Without knowing the formula, you cannot arrive at accurate answers in mathematics.

  1. The pre-disposed hatred should be demystified: There should be re-orientation towards the subject by making the students to embrace mathematics as simple, interesting and fun to learn. The students should be told that there is nothing too difficult about the subject mathematics and knowing it. When you have the basis, the formulae, the principles and the techniques, you will arrive at accurate answers.
  2. The introduction of awards: This will help to promote interest and learning mathematics among secondary schools and this will go a long way to making the students do well in mathematics not only in WAEC and NECO but DEVELOP strong interest in knowing the subject.  For instance, the current promotion of mathematics by cowbellpedia is a right step in the right direction and should be given a wider attention and support by the government and other private organizations.
  3. Students should form themselves into various groups of tutorials: Here, apart from teachers handling the subject, students who are faster in comprehending more than their colleagues should help to teach others by sharing ideas among themselves. In addition, the subject should be taught everybody just as the students should practice the subject daily compulsorily.
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In conclusion, students should note that when they remove fear, they distant themselves from mathematics, the subject will be far from them. Constant learning and practicing of the subject every day will make them to overcome the problems and BREAK THE JINX of knowing mathematics and make them to pass the subject mathematics with ease in WAEC and NECO examinations.


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