Ways And Manner Of Prayers That Bring Immediate Answers


A prayer is simply a means of communication unto God for solutions to problems. It is an answer to request made by his subjects, God’s faithful.

Prayer has the power to potentially change any situation, even the most challenging one, in miraculous ways. In fact, God may even choose to send angels instantly into our lives to answer our prayers immediately.

When we pray, believe that God has answered your prayer. Major religious texts have it that God responds most powerfully to the prayers of the truly faithful.

No matter how hopeless a situation may be, ranging from ill health, marriage, unemployment, God has the power to change it when you pray boldly and have faith that he can do just it. In fact, religious texts say that God’s power is so big that he can do all things at all times. Sometimes our prayers are too small for such a big God. Is just by His Grace and power.

Ways and manner of prayers that bring immediate answers in your life.

God will accept any prayer since he’s always willing to meet us where we are. But if we pray without expecting God to respond, we limit what we’re inviting him to do in our lives. On the other hand, if we approach God with faith-filled prayers, we may see something wonderfully and miraculously happening.

This post reveals the ways and manner of prayers that bring immediate answers in your life.

  1. Live a Sinless Life: Remember what the bible says about sins. “The prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God”. We must try to live above sins if we want answers and for that matter, immediate answers to our prayers. Repent of any wrong attitudes and ask God to help you approach prayer with pure intentions. Continuous living in sins and expecting answers to prayers is a fruitless effort. Pray for forgiveness of sins repent of your old sins.
  2. Have Faith In God: This is one of the surest means to receive fast from God. “If your faith is as small as mustard seed…., the religious text declares you can move mountain”.
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Based on this religious text therefore, learn to strengthen your prayers to increase your faith. Ask God to give you the faith you need to confidently trust Him so that he will keep his promises, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

  • Choose to believe that God will reward you for diligently seeking him, as religious texts promise.
  • Pray also with a sense of greater expectation, expecting that miracle from God, who will always act to do what is best when you pray.
  • Expect God to do much more than you could do on your own.
  • Move with people who have strong faith, people who believe that God is bigger than your problem and any other problem for that matter and those who have personally experienced his mighty work, power and faithfulness in their own lives.
  1. Ask for God’s Purpose for You: Direct your prayer to asking God for something with pure motives. Seek answers that reflect God’s will rather than trying to convince him to follow your own plans. To achieve this:
  • Identify any faulty patterns in your prayer life, ask yourself: “Am I praying the right prayer or merely for my own comforts and desires?,” “Do I ever pray when things are going well, or only when I’m in dire need?” “again, is my motive in prayer my own happiness, or God’s glory?,” and “Do I pray with an attitude of doubt?
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Pray in line with God’s will and remember that he wants the best for you.

  1. Hope in God to Fight Your Spiritual Battles: This is another means of praying and expecting immediate answers. When you believed you have prayed effectively, you must rely on God’s strength and allow it to empower you when faced with difficult challenges. Be rest assured of your ability to overcome no matter the opposing efforts of the devil to grow closer to God.
  • Avoid f sinful habits that may be opening doors for evil to come in.
  • Confess and repent of any known and unknown sin in your life that God brings to your attention, and ask him to cleanse you of it.
  • Pray for God to empower you to fight your battle in every situation.

You will never lose any battle when you hand it over to God. just rely on your own limited strength;


  1. Pray without ceasing: Prayer without ceasing is another way and manner that brings immediate answer.

Prayer requires patience. You must learn to have faith in God’s plan and trust that he will guide you, even when you are going through very difficult times.

  • When something bad happens, don’t just give up in brief prayers for God’s help. Instead, hold on to God’s promises and fight to see them realized in this turbulent world.
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  • Be persistent and have no doubt that your prayer will surely receive the immediate answer until God gives you answers. Don’t give up praying about a situation until God’s power comes into it.
  1. Pray for What Only God Can Do: Pray for those things that no other man on earth can do expecting immediate answers.

If you are praying powerfully, you must pray for things that require great assistance, things that you cannot change easily or change on your own.

Again, do not limit yourself to prayers of cheap or simple situations, rather ask for big things that only God can do. Things that when men or your enemies heard of it, they will praise God for you.

Invite God to do something incredibly powerful in each situation that you bring before him.

In summary therefore, God will respond to any prayer, no matter how small and no matter how challenging. So learn to rely on the above ways and manner of prayers that will bring immediate answers to your life.










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