Covid-19 Pandemic, Versions Of Origin And Spread

Corona Virus was named Covid-19 by WHO on February 11, 2020. The virus is a pneumonia of unknown cause detected and originated from the World popular market Huanan Seafood in Wuhan, China on December 31st 2019.
The virus is widely speculated by most World Scientists to have come from an animal, ‘Bat’, but first passed through an intermediary animal in the same way like the Corona-2002 Sars outbreak, move from horseshoe bats to cat-like cavets before infecting humans.
World Scientists have since gone into action trying to find an end to this deadly virus that have so far infected over two million people and claimed over 200,000 deaths globally and the figure still rising by day. Super power countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and China the country of its origin and others are the worst hit recording high number of confirmed cases of Corona cases and death toll.
Symptoms of this pandemic include difficulty in breathing, cough, catarrh or running nose and general weakness of the body. The disease destroys the body immune system and render the victim powerless and eventual death.

In this post, we shall attempt in a simple language to bring out the various versions of possible origin or causes of this deadly disease, known as Covid-19, ranging from animal spread, biological, religious and 5G versions.
One version of possible origin of the disease had it that what the world is currently going through today is highly likely to have originated from animals, bats before spreading to infect humans. However, the authenticity of this fact is still being unraveled by world scientists.
Another version of the origin of the disease is a biological weapon designed by man to fight political opponents, which in turn turned around to be weapon of mass destruction. This version centres around social political issues, that it was a chemical weapon prepared in a laboratory in a particular country to destroy political opponents who dare oppose the ruling government. By chance or error, the said laboratory chemical got exposed to the public which today is now Covid-19 Pandemic.
The emergence of Covid-19 also has religious version of its origin. Without mincing a word, many religious faithful believe that Covid-19 emerges because of the wide sinful nature of the world. In other words, the world has become a Den of wickedness, surpassing that of Sodom and Gomorrah in the biblical history.
According to this version of origin, wickedness ranging from global terrorism, kidnapping, senseless killings and man inhumanity to man have cried unto Heaven, making God to turn His back against humanity.

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Another version, but widely controversial of the origin of Covid-19 is 5G Mobile Technology, claimed to be probably responsible for this deadly disease. They claimed that 5G destroys the body immune system.
Many molecular biologists and medical experts dismiss this fact as having no scientific evidence or correlation to Covid-19.
5G, they argued is a new regular upgrade of mobile technology from 4G, a significant innovation built around radio-magnetic of extreme end of good frequencies and higher speed.
They believe strongly 5G is a technology that has been in use and not in any way connected to Covid-19. They further argued that 5G is an additional mast, with higher frequencies as well as additional base stations to be close together for optimal utilization.
The technology does not in any way weaken human immune system but has stringent approval for use.

To prevent the menace, medical experts advised that people should use:
• Alcoholic base sanitizer
• Wash your hands regularly
• Avoid hugging
• Seek medical help where necessary and
• Maintain social distancing.
Above all, the entire world should go into serious prayer that God in his infinite mercies should remove this Covid-19 pandemic from the land.
May God help us. Amen.

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