Actress Monique Samuel: Biography And Net Worth

Monique Samuel is a popular Nollywood actress and model.
Her date, month and year of her birth are not known. Monique hails from Benin City, Edo State in south southern Nigeria.

Educational Background
Nothing is known about her educational background.

Her Acting Career
Monique began her acting career in 2013. She has since become a prominent name in the Nigerian movie industry.
She has so far in the industry starred in several Nollywood movies including Table of Men, Wife Beater and many others.
Monique, a name she earned in a movie as Monica is beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood actress, gifted in interpreting roles in movies. She accepts any role assigned her and she does this brilliantly to the delight of her numerous fans.

Her Personal Life
Monique is not yet married. She has been strongly criticized and challenged by her numerous fans on social media for enhancing her bum to look bigger.
While others view it as good on her body, others said she ought to be proud of her God’s given body.
Monique however responded that “people’s opinion about me does not bother me. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion”.
When asked of the secret behind her scandal free? Monique revealed, “I just try to stay away from anything controversial and anything that will tarnish my image. I believe a good name is earned. So I tread carefully”
Monique also revealed that “being expensive is an individual thing, if you can afford an expensive lifestyle then go for it. If you can’t, then don’t beat yourself up over it. I live a lifestyle I can afford”.
Monique however regretted that “she lost a very good relationship because of how people perceive the industry and the negativity surrounding it. But its fine, if it was meant to be, I guess it would have worked”.

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Her Net Worth
Monique Samuel has remained active and prominent in Nollywood, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $250,000 dollars.

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