Actress Ify Adibeli: Biography And Net Worth

Ifeoma Faith Adibeli is her real full name but fondly called Ify Adibeli. She is a popular Nollywood actress, producer and model.

She was born on September 25 into a family of six children. Year of her birth not known. Ify is the first child and she hails from Aniocha South, Delta State .

Educational Background

Ify had her primary and secondary education at the Motherwell Montessori School and Victory Home College both in Lagos where she obtained her first and secondary school certificates respectively.

She later bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at the National Open University of Nigeria.
Ify also had training in Catering School and has since remained committed and relevant in the Nigerian movie industry.

Her Acting Career

Ify Adibeli joined Nollywood as a teenage actress, at a young age of 16 years old when she played the role of a daughter to Oge in a movie, ‘Sound of War’.

Her brilliant role in the movie got her roles in subsequent movies. She has acted several Nollywood movies, taking lead characters in most movies, some of which include:
• Blood Enemies
• Online Babes
• Sound of War and among many others.

Ify is a talented Nollywood actress known for her intriguing roles in movies. She takes any character given to her liberally except in romantic roles which she said she would not for now.

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Ify has worked with top Nollywood key players like Funke Akindele Bello, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Frederick Leonards, Oge Okoye, Andy Chukwu, BB Naija Elikem and other top stars in the industry.

The hottest virgin in Nollywood as she is fondly called, the ever-smiling Ify is a budding actress who is not carried away with such appellation as she believes there may not be virgins in Nollywood anymore.

The movie, Ify explained centred around three young girls from poor background that came to Lagos for greener pastures. In order to survive the challenges of life, they took to the shortest possible cut to life, prostitution alongside a woman who had been in the business.

Ify revealed that the movie was quite challenging playing three different persons at a time, the role of a poor girl at the village, the role of the older poor girl struggling in Lagos, and the role of a prostitute. In her words, “the poor girl character I played portrays my kind of person, I looked pitiful.”

Ify however looks forward to having a bright future in her acting career.


Ify Adibeli has so far received recognition for her brilliant work, notably as a nominee for Deedee Entertainment Awards in 2016 in the USA.

Her Net Worth

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Ify Adibeli is indeed waxing stronger in the Nigerian Movie industry, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $200,000 dollars.

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