Top 20 Profitable Businesses You Can Do With N10,000 in Nigeria

Top 20 Profitable Businesses You Can Do  with N10,000 in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country with abundant human and natural resources. Yet, is rated one of the poorest countries in the World because of corruption, misappropriation and management of the nation’s resources.

Majority of  Nigerians are not lazy but lack business idea that could launch them out of poverty and make them champions. Information is very important. Especially among young ladies, rather than take the shortest possible cut to life, that will earn you no good, get yourself busy by doing something useful, something profitable.

There are Top 20 Profitable Businesses You Can Do  with N10,000 in Nigeria and you see yourself launching to greater heights. For instance, business like preparing Indomie does not require much to start. Provided you are not lazy and you are in the right place – business environment, be sure of a profitable business with N10,000.

I will use this post in a simple language to explain how you can set up a profitable business with N10,000 in Nigeria.

The following are the steps you must be  taken into consideration:

  1. Just get a place outside, preferably a corner piece that will cost you nothing.
  2. Get a camping gas, frying pan, cooking pots, serving plates and spoons and fork. You could get these items from your home without necessarily purchasing them.
  3. Make a small wooden cupboard where things like Indomie and other items can be displayed.
  4. Make a small banner and place it at the stationary post or location. The banner could just read: “Place order for fried indomie here”. You can as well create awareness of your product by going round your neighbourhood without spending money.
  5. Getting Started: Begin your business each day with a prayer to God. When you start, one, two, three persons could place order at the same time. Different men with different tastes and likeness, some would definitely ask for more pepper while some don’t at all. Adhere strictly to requests and come up with something good, something palatable. When they complain of one thing or the other, see it as criticism to improve on your product or brand rather than flare up.
  6. Delivery: When the food is ready, take it out for delivery. Don’t be lazy. It might look somewhat difficult at the beginning but in no time it becomes part of you. Sometimes, in the course of delivery of the food or product, you could even have more orders. In short, is highly demanding and resourceful.
  7. Finance: With N10,000, you can start. One good thing about this form of business is that you can bring most cooking utensils from home. As the business progresses, you find out that you could get maybe a carton of indomie and other cooking items on credit from your customers to pay back at the end of the day. Please, be consistent and persistent in your business. They will not refuse you.
  8. Adverts: Advertising your product or brand is very key. Tell people living around what you do, how you do it and how you deliver. Remember that ‘a food first policy is the philosophy of man’. People will always eat and when they see you, they will remember that they are hungry.
  9. Financial Breakthrough Forecast: Even though paper planning may be a little different from business reality because of possible challenges, be sure of good profit at the end of the day. At a point, you will ask yourself: the business I started with just N10,000?
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However, to achieve all of these, you must put certain factors into consideration:

  1. Believe in God that you will succeed in the business. Back it up with prayers.
  2. Don’t be lazy. Laziness kills the spirit to succeed.
  3. You must be honest. Don’t tell people what you cannot do.
  4. Procrastination: Avoid postponing what you can do now for tomorrow.
  5. Avoid flashy or exorbitant things that will eat deep into your income especially when you are building your business. The popular saying that “God humbles small beginning” is very paramount.
  6. Don’t listen to failure: Some people may come to you and say is not possible. They are detractors. Believe in yourself that you will surely make it. When you start succeeding, they will come to you for advice.
  7. Show respect to your customers. Don’t be harsh at them even when they try to annoy you. Some will argue that your food is too expensive than others, but tell them the nature of things in the market and how you operate with a smile.
  8. Embrace challenges in the face of breakthrough. Sometimes, they act as stepping stone to your greatness.
  9. Pride: God hates pride. Especially when you are succeeding in your business, don’t bring arrogance or talk to people sarcastically. Remember the biblical saying that God gives you power to make wealth. On no account must you look down on people. They could be of help in your business breakthrough.
  10. Embrace innovations as the business grows. Bring in other things that could make for necessary business expansion.
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In conclusion, you should work hard at creating a unique identity for your brand or product.

With all of these in place, you would have made remarkable achievements in a profitable business you started with just N10,000 in Nigeria.

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