How To Start A Profitable Business Centre With N50,000 In Nigeria

Nigeria today is experiencing recession and many able bodied youths, men and women are thrown out of jobs. When this happens, some find it very difficult to plan ahead or think of a possible way out.

To some, that is the end of the cross road. In this post, I will use a simple language to explain how you can set up a profitable business centre with N50,000 in Nigeria.

How To Start A Profitable Business Centre With N50,000 In Nigeria

Some people may ask: how? Yes I have done it and is working for me. The following are the steps you must take:

i) Kind of Business: A business centre that requires a computer, a printer, a photocopier with minimal cost. You could purchase the three in one printer – that is, a printer that has a scanner, a printer and photocopy in-built. Combined with a computer set, a chair and a table, you are already set to doing business.

ii) Place of Business: Where do I set up this business? Is it residential or business environment? With N50,000, you cannot rent a place or shop. What you should do is to think of operating from your living room or house or even pair with an existing business. And if you do not have any knowledge of computer, go for one week or two weeks intensive training on how to operate a computer and print. It does not take so long a time to learn. Note that persistence and determination to succeed will drive you into success.

When you are done, you can start operating from your house and when you have created awareness and people see that you are good, they can simply come, drop their work for you to do and later come back for their jobs. You can as well do the job and deliver to them. For instance, photocopy brings in more money faster, so you can get some jobs from them, photocopy them and deliver promptly. Don’t forget too, small generator, bigger than (tigger generator popularly known as I pass my neighbor) can do it depending on the machine. This will serve as a backup to epileptic power supply in Nigeria.  Prove to them that you can do it and with God on your side, you will surely deliver.

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iii) Finance: How do I have this N50,000 to start? You can start by approaching any of your friends or relations of your good plan. Tell them of your intention, map out your business plan and have that determination to grow as the business starts. From time to time, other things like selling recharge cards, sending of bulk messages, binding, could come in. You can then think of an expansion of your business.

iv) Adverts: Advertising your product or work is very key. Tell people living around what you do, how you do it and how you deliver. Tell them you need their support by giving you work. You can make a small banner to create awareness. Tap, print fliers in black and white and run photocopies and distribute them to potential customers. You can even lay it in two or three on a page to reach out to many. Nigerians are compassionate people and are easily moved to help. You only need to be diplomatic in your approach.

v) Financial Breakthrough Forecast: Even though paper planning may be different from business reality because of possible challenges, the fact remains that people will come, and you will see yourself making headway. From daily sales to weekly and monthly, you will find out that your idea is beginning to yield good fruits.

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However, to achieve all of these, you must observe the following bullet points below:

  • Believe in God that you will succeed in the business. Back it up with prayers.
  • Don’t be lazy. Laziness kills the spirit to succeed.
  • You must be honest. Don’t tell people what you cannot do.
  • Procrastination: Avoid postponing what you can do now for tomorrow.
  • Avoid flashy or exorbitant things that will eat deep into your income especially when you are building your business. The popular saying that “God humbles small beginning” is very paramount.
  • Don’t listen to failure: Some people may come to you and say is not possible. They are detractors. Believe in yourself that you will surely make it. When you start succeeding, they will come to you for advice.
  • Show respect to your customers. Don’t be harsh at them even when they try to annoy you. Some will argue that your work is more costly than others, but tell them the nature of things in the market and how you operate with a smile.
  • Embrace challenges in the face of breakthrough. Sometimes, they act as stepping stone to your greatness.
  • Pride: God hates pride especially when you are succeeding in your business. Remember the biblical saying that God gives you power to make wealth. On no account must you look down on people. They could be of help in business breakthrough.
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Embrace innovations as the business grows. Bring in other things that could make for necessary expansion. If you can observe the above points from start to finish, with 50,000 Naira you can easily set up a profitable business centre anywhere in Lagos or Nigeria as a whole.

If you have any question as regards the processes, cost implications and step by step set ups needed in setting up a business centre anywhere in Lagos, you can contact me via 07032150579 my consultancy fee is very affordable or you can send us your question via the comment section below and we shall revert upon receipt of your question.

Best of luck.

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