Ghanaian Billionaire Shetta Bandle: Biography And Net Worth

Shetta Bandle is a self acclaimed billionaire whose source of wealth is traced to many businesses ranging from real estate, oil and gas among others. He stated that he was twenty years old when he was rolling in affluence and now in his mid twenties.

Shetta was born a dwarf in Karaga city in northern Ghana, the date and year of his birth not known.

He is self-professed billionaire and richest man in Ghana and the entire Africa beating Aliko Dangote of Nigeria.


This self revelation has since generated lots of reactions on social media with many asking the source of his wealth.

Bandle said he is into real estate business, oil and gas spread across Ghana, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world.

He went further to state that he has no formal education owing to his early race to be rich which eventually threw him out of school. He however believes in himself to have formal education in the nearest future.


Shetta Bandle is a confident dwarf and is proud to be. He has huge fans in Nigeria and Ghana especially on social media platform. Infact, his growing popularity has received a boost social on media with his claim to be richer than anyone in Nigeria, Ghana and indeed Africa.

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His personal life is surrounded with controversies. Nobody knows if he is really married but one of his videos released recently revealed Bandle kissing a girl. Nothing more special.

In all, there is wide speculations that one Ghanaian celebrity Nana Kofo Boating, popularly known as Dada Joe Remix is the rich man behind the wealth of Shetta Bandle. The said man owns chains of gold, expensive houses and cars that he Bandle boastfully claimed to be his wealth.


His Net Worth

Shetta Bandle self acclaimed net worth is placed at $9.6 billion dollars, richer than Dangote of Africa and one of the richest in world.




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