Lucrative Business You Can Do Without Money In Nigeria

Lucrative Business You Can Do Without Money in Nigeria.

Have you ever imagined a business, a lucrative business you can do without money?  Do you know that some businesses you think are insignificant or not relevant at all are indeed lucrative and worth doing?

Nigerians are not lazy but lack business idea that could launch them out of poverty and make them champions. Information is very important. Rather than take the shortest possible cut to life, that will earn you no good, get yourself busy by doing something useful, something profitable.


I will use this post in a simple language to tell you the kind of business, how it works, how you can go about it and make fantastic money with little or no stress at all and succeed in doing a lucrative business without any money in Nigeria.

Dry-cleaning Business is a good example. Dry-cleaning business is not only lucrative, but requires no funds to start, is stress free and opened to all men and women.

In addition, dry-cleaning business is the type you can do from home without thinking of renting a shop, without having a pressing iron or even buying anything. You only need to be focused, consistent, hard working and plan out the strategies to achieve a success in a  lucrative business you can do without money in Nigeria.



To do a lucrative business without any money in Nigeria  like the dry-cleaning business, these are the steps you must take:

  1. Operate from Home: You don’t need to rent a shop. All you need is a living house to operate from. This no doubt will remove a huge sum from starting a business and make you succeed in a lucrative business without money in Nigeria.
  2. Enter into Partnership with an existing Dry-cleaning Business Centre that when you collect clothes from customers, you simply come to them for finishing of the product. The negotiation could be in two ways:
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(i)    To wash and give your Partner for ironing. This automatically reduces the cost by 50% since you have already washed the clothes.

(ii)   Another way is for you to simply collect clothes from customers and hand them over your business partner to dryclean for you. With the volume of work at hand, both of you will arrive at a lesser cost to dryclean per each depending on the kind of materials.

  1. You must have an identification Number: This is very important for easier identification of your collection and to avoid a mix up and lose of clothes. For instance, REM NO….. and please DON’T FORGET to place your identification number on your collections.
  2. Time of Collection from customers: This is very important step that can make you to succeed in a lucrative business in Nigeria. Since customers will not like any disappointment, ensure the agreed date for both parties are honoured, that is you collect from customers, and hand them over to your business partner on time for finishing.
  3. Guide against lose of clothes or materials: You must not be careless with the clothes you got from customers otherwise, you will be made to pay for the loss. And please adhere strictly to customer’s request and instruction. Remember once again that lose or damage of such product will be paid for and as such be very careful in handling them.
  4. Fast Delivery: Is another step that can make you to succeed in a lucrative business in Nigeria you can do without any money. When the job is ready, waste no time to deliver. Do not wait for tomorrow when you can deliver the job or even at night that same day. It shows commitments and consistency in the business.
  5. Adverts: Advertising your product or brand is very key. Tell people living around what you do, how you do it and how you deliver. People will always patronize you so long as you are consistent and deliver promptly and qualitatively.
  6. Financial Breakthrough Forecast: Even though paper planning may be a little different from business reality because of possible challenges, be sure of good profit at the end of the day. At a point, you will ask yourself is this a business I started without any money?
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However, to achieve all of these, you must put certain factors into consideration:

  1. Believe in God that you will succeed in the business. Back it up with prayers.
  2. Don’t be lazy. Laziness kills the spirit to succeed.
  3. You must be honest. Don’t tell people what you cannot do.
  4. Procrastination: Avoid postponing what you can do now for tomorrow.
  5. Avoid flashy or exorbitant things that will eat deep into your income especially when you are building your business. The popular saying that “God humbles small beginning” is very paramount.
  6. Don’t listen to failure: Some people may come to you and say is not possible. They are detractors. Believe in yourself that you will surely make it. When you start succeeding, they will come to you for advice.
  7. Show respect to your customers. Don’t be harsh at them even when they try to annoy you. Some will argue that your food is too expensive than others, but tell them the nature of things in the market and how you operate with a smile.
  8. Embrace challenges in the face of breakthrough. Sometimes, they act as stepping stone to your greatness.
  9. Pride: God hates pride. Especially when you are succeeding in your business, don’t bring arrogance or talk to people sarcastically. Remember the biblical saying that God gives you power to make wealth. On no account must you look down on people. They could be of help in your business breakthrough.
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  1. Embrace innovations as the business grows. Bring in other things that could make for necessary business expansion.


Other good examples of lucrative businesses you can do without any money in Nigeria are:

  1. Selling of bread
  2. Selling of recharge cards
  3. Selling of drinks
  4. Selling of beverages
  5. Selling of snacks
  6. Selling of books to schools
  7. Selling of newspapers
  8. Selling of clothes

In conclusion, you should work hard at creating a unique identity for your brand or product.

With all of the above mentioned steps in place, you would have made remarkable achievements in a lucrative business you can do without any money in Nigeria.



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