How To Answer WAEC/NECO Question On Letter To Father To Buy Books


This is an informal letter which requires your address and a date.

John Ogbo                                                                                                    Date:……………….

St. John’s Close,




Dear Daddy,


I am writing you this letter to request for the sum of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) only to buy the relevant text books as demanded by the school authority.

Daddy, as you know, good and relevant text books are the pre-requisites for passing any examinations and indeed the Senior Certificate exams for that matter. This is the time to lay hands on them in preparation for WAEC/NECO examinations coming up this April and June respectively this year.

Again, I can imagine how happy you and Mummy and indeed my younger ones will be seeing me come out in flying colours in these two important exams scheduled to hold in not too distant time from now. I promised to work very hard to actualize this dream and by the Grace of God, it shall be realized.

Daddy, I know how much you have spent on my education just to see me becoming great and useful in the society. Inspite of the difficult nature of our economy and society today, you have always sounded it into my ears to be hard working by reading my books so that I can pass my exams brilliantly. You are indeed a great father and a motivator.

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Daddy, I will be so glad if the said money is sent to me to buy the relevant text books as soon as possible. This will no doubt ginger me up to work hard and come out in flying colours in my coming exams.

Finally, while I wait patiently and anxiously to having the money to buy the relevant text books, I pray the Almighty God will continue to bless you and Mummy abundantly so that I can have enough time to prepare for my exams and pass with distinctions.

Best regards to my Mummy and my younger ones.

Yours sincerely,


John Ogbo.



With this brilliant and persuasive letter to your father, no doubt he will be moved to look for the money and even add more to your request. So the introduction, body of the letter sequentially linked to the other will give him and any other person joy to give you the money to buy the relevant text books. Good luck.

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