How To Write A Good Essay In WAEC and NECO


To be able to write a good essay in WAEC and NECO examinations is something that pleases the mind of the marker or an examiner. One wonders why writing a good essay can be so frustrating to some candidates. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know the steps and understand what to do, writing can be easy and even very interesting.

This is a must read  post that will provide you the simplified steps to take that will teach students how to write a good essay and come out in flying colour in your WAEC and NECO.


A good essay therefore is a complete work that has the following features be it argumentative, narrative or expository or descriptive:

  1. Good introduction
  2. Body of the essay
  3. Good and simplified diction or chosen language
  4. Mechanical accuracy
  5. A good conclusion
  6. Introduction: Having a good introduction to an essay or letter writing is key to passing English language in your WAEC and NECO. You don’t jump into writing any topic without giving the examiner the insight or central idea of what you are writing on. It shows a focal point and directs the marker or the examiner’s mind towards a good end.
  7. Body of the Essay: This tells the story or describes or argue in details events that happened with good diction or language otherwise referred to as good grammatical structures in sequence, that is, one good point linking the other.
  8. Good and simplified diction: Otherwise referred to as simple and carefully selected words to build up your topic essay. In this wise, a candidate should avoid bombastic words; that is the use of big words that may complicate issues or defeat the whole write up. Employ good English in your explanation and avoid too long sentences to drive home your points or argument.
  9. Mechanical Accuracy: Develop the idea invariably. The problem is that most students shift topics and lose focus within their paragraphs because they do not know how to adequately develop their ideas. They usually know the paragraph needs to be longer, but they don’t know how to expand their idea to fill that length. Indeed a paragraph should be at least half a page long. Good punctuations like coma, semi colon, invited comas, exclamation mark and full stops should be applied appropriately.
  10. Conclusion: A good conclusion of any good essay should have an overview of the entire topic, elements of logicality, carefully selected words, brilliant technicalities and a brilliant end.
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For instance, write an essay on the topic Night Rain you experienced, sometime ago, its damage and how you were able to salvage the situation.

A topic like this should take a good introduction which should show an unforgettable experience, date and time of such event.

The body of the essay should describe in detail how it all happened that faithful night, the psychological effect it had on you battling with the night rain. The narration should be simple, have good diction and of course laden with emotion and good English. For instance, I summoned up courage as a man to salvage the situation by ensuring that the flood that entered the house did not spread to other rooms. The paragraphs should be sequentially arranged with good English and a moderate length.


In addition, a good essay should have good punctuations with correct spellings. Above all, avoid too long sentences that will throw you off balance. Avoid repetition and remain accurate in your explanation.

A good conclusion of the topic for instance should have an overview of the entire essay with logicality and brilliant end. For instance, the Night Rain which occurred on that fateful date was an unforgettable experience in my life even if I become the President of Nigeria.

I tell you, nobody will begin to count the number of words you wrote with good introduction, good body of the essay, mechanical accuracy and a brilliant conclusion. The marker will joyfully read your work and give you a better mark that will make you to pass your English language in WAEC AND NECO without tears.

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I URGEE YOU TO PLEASE Read how to pass English in WAEC and NECO. GOOD LUCK.

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