Loral Is The Best School In Festac Town, Lagos.




Loral Int’l Schools had a humble beginning in 1978 by the founder Mrs. Loretta Nwosu after her successful education in Scotland. The school is located in 201 Road, D Close, Festac Town, Lagos. Today, the school has grown so big and metamorphosed into five schools; with its boarding school in Igbesa, km 8, Agbara Otta Road, Ogun State.



  • To remain a leading light in the education industry and a benchmark for molding the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social life of a student.


  • To provide a balanced education which develops students’ personal and academic potentials to enable them cope with challenges that lie ahead.



A passionate and single-minded commitment to molding the tender life of a child from nursery through primary to secondary. Educating, mentoring and shaping them into the next generation of trailblazers, the leaders of tomorrow.


Loral International Schools experienced a humble beginning with the establishment of the Nursery and Primary Schools in 1978, after the Proprietress Chief (Mrs.) Loretta Nwosu returned from her studies in Scotland. Today, Loral has five Schools namely:

  • Pre-Nursery
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Cambridge Advanced Level
  • Pre-University


Loral Int’l Schools is adjudged the best school in Festac Town, Lagos owing to a number of reasons which can be explained as follow:


  1. Infrastructural Development: The is well endowed with modern days infrastructures established in a serene environment both the day in Festac Town and the boarding school in Igbesa, Ogun State. The school has a well equipped library, science laboratory, Information Technology, Musical Department and a well stocked stores where you can find virtually your school needs and a big generator of over 300kva to boost power supply for the institution.
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In addition, the school has a big football field or pitch where sports events and other activities take place.


  1. Administrative Structure: The school has a well organized administration for smooth running of the school. From the Proprietress to the Managing Director down to the Principal and the teachers, the administrative staff made up of Finance Manager, Account Officer, Internal Auditor, the Cashier are uniquely assigned their various functions without unnecessary interference from the top management of the school. No wonder, most staff of the institution are as old as the school.


  1. Manpower: Loral International Schools is blessed with well trained and disciplined manpower or staff to handle the various department of the institution. The teachers are mainly graduates of high repute from the various Universities in and outside Nigeria with the sound academic qualifications. This is no doubt has demonstrated the high academic record achieved yearly by the institution.

as a result of competent staff managing the school.


  1. Fleet of Buses: Loral International School has well over 50 Coastal buses of 36 seats to cater for the needs of Day Students in Festac Town and environs. The buses are well maintained by competent engineers with long years of experience from the department of works of the institution. To this end, you will never see any of the Loral Buses broke down on the way and students waiting to be evacuated by another bus because the buses are well maintained.
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  1. Large Acres of Land For Agriculture: Loral International School is blessed with large acres of land in Igbesa, Ogun State where agriculture is practiced to its fullest. Here you can find agricultural produce like banana, plantain, pineapple, yams, cassava in large volumes which are exported for commercial purpose as well as serve the boarding students and staff of the institution.


  1. Academic Record: The school has maintained high academic record both locally and internationally. The school produces 95% academic record for Senior School Certificate and Cambridge Advanced Level on yearly basis. In addition, Loral has received many awards including the Prestigious 2017Africa Top School Awards. In addition, the staff of the institution are given adequate training both locally and internationally to cater for the modern days needs to deliver effectively. No wonder, a staff of Loral International School confessed to me that “the school is doing us good, you can hardly find any vacancy in the institution. Some staff here are as old as the institution”, she concluded.


  1. Social Activities: Loral International Schools is not lagging behind in social activities. The school has participated in many social events both internally, nationally and internationally producing enviable records. Such social events like “Miss Loral”, Cultural Day display, Goge Africa and many more.
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In conclusion, Loral International Schools has remained a leading role in shaping the life of many in Nigeria. The institution which started from the scratch in 1978, today has metamorphosed into a great citadel of learning and has produced many intellectuals both in the academic and other fields of life and the school can indeed be regarded as light in the education industry and a benchmark for molding the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social life of a student.

Loral International School to me, is the best school in Festac Town and I hereby recommend the school to any parents in and outside Nigeria to train their child or ward.

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