Schools In Satellite Town And Their Addresses


There are many beautiful and good schools in Satellite Town, Lagos. The schools and their addresses are as follow:

  1. The Learningfield Schools: Located in Close 30, Satellite Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. Is Government approved.
  2. Darman Model College: Located at No. 1, Holy Child Way, Satellite Town, Lagos is another reputed school with boarding facilities
  3. King’s High School (KHS) is another top school in Satellite Town, Lagos. It is a Day and Boarding school and Government approved.
  4. Mater Dei Nursery/Primary school Located at 109, Marwa Road, Satellite Town, Lagos after Forte Oil Filling Station on Marwa Road.
  5. Rochester Schools: It has a College, Primary, After-School, Toddler, Nursery, Crèche/Daycare. Is located at 5/6 Doyin Estate, Chevron Road, Satellite Town, Lagos along Chevron Estate Road, Opposite UBA Estate, Satellite Town. It runs Day and Boarding.
  6. Prime Montessori Nursery and Primary School (PMS)

The school was established on 23rd October, 1993 and is located at New Road Satellite Town, Lagos.

  1. Vokeseel Schools: is another school in Satellite Town.

Located at 21/23 Olagoke Allen Avenue, Ijegun Egba, Satellite Town. The school is government approved.

  1. Groombridge Standard Schools: founded in 2014 and located at Marwa Road, satellite Town, Lagos.
  2. Pretoria Learning Academy: (Daycare, Creche & Primary) is a Montessori school located at Opposite CBN, by Chima Bus Stop, Close Navy Barracks, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  3. Celilies Foundation School: (A Montessori Nursery & Primary School) The school is located at 5/9 New Era Street, Otubu Estate, Off Marwa Road, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  4. Clavont Int’l School: A Montessori Nursery & Primary School located at Holy Child Way, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  5. Sane Minds School: 16, Ibukunle Street, Ijegun Satellite Town
  1. Merry Peak School: (A Montessori Nursery/Primary School) Close 6, House 2, Opp. Police Station, Satellite Town.
  2. Mac lilies School: Opposite CBN, by Chima Bus Stop, Close Navy Barracks, Satellite Town, Lagos. And Close 11, House 5, Satellite Town.
  3. Solid Anchor Montessori: (Creche, Nursery & Primary School) Located at Close 18, House 9/12, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  4. Chelsea School: Site D, Plot 6/7 Opp. Flour Mill Estate, Satellite Town.
  5. Kingsharon Nursery/Primary School 1, Olive Estate, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. A.A. International School: Plot 1 /2, Marwa Road, Satellite Town.
  1. Richy Wisdom Montessori School: FHA Estate, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Capital Model College: Opp. Learning field Schools, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Nexton School: Olopa Adamu Akin Close, New Site, Ijegun Imore Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Green Day Nursery/Primary School: 6, Olopa Adamu Akin Close, New Site,
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Ijegun Imore Satellite Town, Lagos.

  1. Jerrikay School: No. 41, David Street, Ijegun Imore, Satellite Town.
  1. Archangel School:1, Mission Street, Satellite Town.
  1. Doreen School: Opposite Chimos Gas Station, Alakija, Lagos.
  1. Kidsville Academy: Army Road by Community Road, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Helpers Int’l School: No. 43, Alhaja Moriamo Street, Iya Abiye, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  1. Soteria School: (Montessori Nursery and Primary) School located at Site ‘J’ Satellite Town.
  2. Disney School: Plot 6, Community Road Abula Ado, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  3. Bookman School: Chima Bus Stop, by Navy Gate, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Whispering Hope School: By Darman College, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  1. Redeemers School: 18/26 Akinowofadase Street, Star House Satellite Town.
  1. Little Lilies Schools: (Creche, Daycare, Pre-School, Kindergarten & Nursery)

No. 2, Alhaja Moriamo Street, (Iya-biye) Off Darman College, Satellite Town,   Lagos.

  1. Caring Hand School: Opposite Pharma Care, Off Community Road, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  2. Satellite Town Baptist (Nursery/Primary School) Close 40A, Satellite Town, Lagos.
  3. A.I. Perfect Crown School: Close 9, House 5, Satellite Town.
  4. Success Mandate Creche, Nursery and Primary School. No. 2, Folarin Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  5. Precious Gift School: No. 9, Otubu Estate, Satellite Town.
  6. Christian Life School: No. 16, Christian David Street, Ijegun, Satellite Town.
  7. High Hope Academy: Opposite CBN, Satellite Town.
  8. Fortrex School: Community Road, Abula Ado, Satellite Town.
  9. Mayola School: Old Ojo Road, Alakija Junction, Satellite Town.
  10. Excellsor High School: Opposite Ijegun Market, Marwa Road, Satellite Town.
  11. Bovisco School: Olasonoye Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  12. Ladywell Private School: 26, Lumac Street, Ijegun Imore Satellite Town.
  13. Joseph Dream School: 6, Marwa Road, Fin Niger, Satellite Town.
  14. Royal Care Schools: 13, Mbarachi Close/Sanusi Adeyemo Street & 21, Owolabi Street Satellite Town.
  15. Dreamville School: No.7, Edowenmi Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  16. The Grace of God School: 4B, Ijegun Imore Satellite Town
  17. Leads School: 54, Olasonoye Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  18. Gift Foundation Academy: 9, Ibukunle Street, Ijegun Imore Satellite Town
  19. Success mandate: No. 2, Folarin Street, Ijegun Satellite Town
  20. Joseph’s Dream Academy: 6, Marwa Road, Off Finiger B/S Satellite Town
  21. Craftfied School: Plot 31, Ifeanyi Street, Graceland Estate by Chima Bus Stop Satellite Town
  22. Fatella Model School: 35, Olagoke Allen Avenue, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  23. Glomat Blossom School: No. 2, Folarin Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
  24. Jojo Kiddies Smile School: 17, Mission Street, Protype Estate, Off Community Road,la ado Satellite Town
  25. Lordes Francis Montessori School: 10, Sherifatu Annu Street, Satellite Town.
  26. Nigeria Police Children School: Close 28, Satellite Town.
  27. Modern Champions Academy: 8A, Ibikunle Street, Ijegun Satellite Town.
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So, for detailed information about each of the above mentioned schools, please visit.

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