How To Answer WAEC/NECO Question On Falling Standard Of Education In Nigeria.


A standard of education is the best legacy that any parent can give to his child and indeed a government of any country can give to its citizens at large.

In the past, the standard of education in Nigeria was quite an appreciable one compared to other civilized countries of the world. But in the recent time, the standard of education has taken a new dimension experiencing a downward movement.

Many reasons have been attributed to the causes of the falling standard in our educational system in Nigeria today. They are as follow:

Firstly, bad leaders: Yes! Subsequent leaders have placed less emphasis on our educational system in recent time. Less attention in terms of funding, politicization of our curriculum and putting square pegs in round holes in the areas of appointment to key positions in charge of our educational sector. This has badly affected its smooth running and the cause of falling standard.

Secondly, Corruption: This has also affected the standard of education in our country today. The money budgeted for the improvement of education in Nigeria today  are in most cases diverted to private pockets with little or nothing to write home about. For instance, our tertiary institutions cannot boast of modern equipment like computers, engineering and medical facilities when compared to most civilized countries in the world. Even books in our libraries are outdated or obsolete thereby placing learning process out of place.

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Thirdly, Incessant Strike actions: has made nonsense of the whole system causing a downward movement in the standard of education in Nigeria. Often than not, school teachers, university lecturers and non teaching staff alike embark on strike actions to press for their demands. This has adversely affected the learning process as students who are victims of this avoidable act, are made to stay away from school for good number of months as the case may be.

Fourthly, there is little or no much attention on reading culture among the youths in Nigeria. Today, an average Nigerian youth is much concerned on how to make fast money without burning the midnight oil. Again, cheating in exams hall, expo, exams leakages, buying of marks in cash and kind etc have all contributed to the dwindling or falling educational system in Nigeria.

Fifthly, quota system introduced in our country has done a great damage to our educational system resulting to falling standard in education. By quota system, it means people from educationally disadvantaged states who score low marks are given preference in admission into our school system. This has in no small way affected the standard of education as mediocre are promoted rather than merits.

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How can we then reverse the trend? What should the government do to raise the standard of education in Nigeria?

  1. The government should take a concrete step to address the problem facing the educational sector holistically. Government should increase funding, so that the relevant books and other materials suitable for learning can be purchased.
  2. There should be re-introduction of inter and intra-debate competitions among schools, entrenched in the curriculum in Nigeria educational system. This will help to motivate the students in the learning process. It will also promote reading culture among students in Nigeria.
  3. The constant strike actions often embarked upon by teachers and university lecturers should be discouraged before it gets out of hand. Remember the popular saying “where two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. It is the students and parents who suffer most where strike has become the order of the day. The government should not wait for it to escalate into full blown strike before any problem arising from our educational system is addressed.
  4. Those who corruptly enrich themselves with the money meant for the improvement of our educational system should be arrested, tried and jailed an the money and their properties confiscated. This will serve as deterrent to others.
  5. Lastly, the quota system brought or introduced into our system should be reversed and amended in such a way that the best no matter the tribe, religion and otherwise are given the right place in the scheme of things. This will promote meritocracy and reduce mediocrity in our educational system.
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In conclusion, if all of these causes and remedies are noted and followed, this will raise the standard of education in Nigeria.

Readers should please see the above work as a guide or technique in answering WAEC and NECO question of this kind or any related topic.




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