Actor Jibola Dabo: Biography and Net worth

Jibola Dabo is a popular Nollywood actor, producer, director, script writer, television personality and a rare philanthropist.

He was born into a poor family background on August 12 1942 in Lagos State in the south western Nigeria. He is an indigene of Owo, a popular town in Ondo State Nigeria. He had a humble beginning and rose to fame by dint of hard work and endurance.


Educational Background

Jibola Dabo had his primary and secondary education in Lagos State where he obtained his first and secondary school certificates respectively. He later went to the University of Lagos where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and later a Master’s degree in Columbia University in the United States of America.


Acting Career

Jibola who joined Nollywood in 2006 started his acting journey at a very tender age in his primary school days when he used to act in stage drama series. He was said to have featured in a movie then where he played the role of a Priest of Owo, his own town and this movie gave him the recognition of an up-coming star in acting.

Today, the veteran Nollywood actor has featured in over 150 movies since joining the Nigerian Movie Industry. Among the few mentioned movies below to his name include: Bloody Carnival, My Fantasy, Broken Mirror, My Game, High Blood Pressure, Changing Faces, Kingdom of Darkness, Break Away, Game Changer, Dirty Secrets, Queen of the World among others.

He is reputed in playing the role of a King, Chief and wealthy figure in most movies.

Jibola Dabo whose white beards have come to stay as his trade mark, is highly creative, skillful, talented and gifted acting the role of Royal father in most Nollywood movies.



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Jibola’s creativity and brilliant performances in most movies have earned him several awards including:

·       Best actor in a leading role at the African Movie Academy Awards.

·       Most prominent actor in Nigeria at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards

·       Best actor of the year at the Zuma Film Festival held in Abuja.

·       Best actor in Nigeria at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards.

·       Best actor of the year at the City People Entertainment Awards.


His Personal Life

Jibola Dabo was said to have dated Nollywood actress, Bintu Ayo Magaji and the product of that relationship is a child. He is also reported to have had 5 children from different mothers who are doing well in their various fields of human endeavour.

He is a also a firm supporter of polygamy which of course is the reason for 6 children from different mother. He defended this course by saying that ‘polygamy is seeing a woman you desire, and marrying her with her consent’


His Net Worth

Jibola Dabo is another Nollywood Pillar whose absence in the industry will make it incomplete. He is rated one of the richest, most talented and most influential Nigerian actor with a net worth of about $450,000 dollars.  



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