Timi Dakolo’s Wife Rape Allegation: Updates And Lessons To Learn.

Recently, precisely on the 16th of June 2019, Busola Dakolo, wife of a renowned Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo revealed that the Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of (COZA) ministry raped her when she was sixteen years old.

This issue revealed by Busola has since generated lots of comments and controversies in social, print and electronic media across the country and beyond.

However, this rape allegation has since been denied by the COZA pastor as false, unfounded and baseless.

Touched by this development, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo walked to the Police, the first branch of the law to lodge complaints. As would expected, the Police on its part invited Timi Dakolo and his wife to hear their own version of the story.


The rape allegation as professed by Dakolo’s wife has generated lots of comments and controversies. Many have asked the question that even  if it is true that it actually happened, why would the matter be brought to light now after over a decade? That Busola should have beard it as the ass bears gold. That this recent revelation has some hidden agenda.

Others who are of the divergence views, saw it as nothing wrong bringing up the issue purported to have happened long ago when she, Busola was sixteen. Their argument is that if the matter is true, it could have meant that something is hurting her conscience especially now she is married to Timi Dakolo, a Pastor and a popular gospel singer.

Again, some have argued that the rape issue was a calculated attempt to destroy or bring down Pastor Fatoyinbo of (COZA) ministry and reputation.

However, while this rape allegation lingers, the various comments and controversies surrounding it should be given rap attention. What lessons should we learn from this allegation?

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The lessons to learn from the rape allegation levied against Pastor Fatoyinbo are many. They include:

·       Whatever we do or action carried out either against God or humanity, we should be very careful not to damage our reputation.

·       We should discipline ourselves to overcome any temptation that would ruin our lives, career and other human endeavours.

·       That no matter your social standing on earth, whether as a President, Governor, man of God, we should be guided by the fear of God. We should think otherwise not to smear our image. Remember the popular Biblical saying “good name is better than riches”.

·       We must run from things that are considered secret, that one day could find us out. Those things could be secret to man but not to God. These things have the tendencies of blowing open to become open secrets.

·       Above all, we must learn to pray very hard not to fall into temptation. Human beings are naturally weak. We need the grace of God to overcome.


In conclusion, I strongly advise that both parties should exercise caution and embrace peace in going about this matter. They should note that they are men of God who should lay good example for others to follow. Where either party has gone wrong, should please show remorse and ask God for forgiveness.



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