Schools With Boarding Facilities In Festac Town, Lagos.


One of the best ways to inculcate discipline, independence and self motivation in your child is to put such a child in any of the best boarding schools in Festac Town, Lagos.

The boarding school environment gives your child the rare opportunity to take up residence in a hostel facility that is closer to the classroom and it’s really a great platform for learning and socialization.

Living in the hostel allows male and female students to learn and stay with other people other than their siblings or relatives and this enables them to know more about interesting things about the real world.

Talking about boarding schools in Festac Town is interesting in that the schools that offer boarding facilities are few. This article highlights the few boarding schools in Festac Town, Lagos. They include:

  1. St. Judes Private Schools: Is a school in Festac Town that has boarding facilities.


The school has nursery and primary schools which were established in 1978, and the secondary school (established in 1994).


These schools offer the highest standard of a well-rounded education.

Their aim is to develop students who are intellectually sound, academically excellent, and socially adept.


St. Judes Private school can proudly say that it has consistently maintained high standards for over 40 years of existence.

  1. Loral International School

Loral International School was established in 1978 by Loretta Nwosu after her successful education in Scotland.


The school headquarter is located in Festac Town which caters for primary and secondary school students and has grown so big and metamorphosed into five schools.

The school has its boarding school in Igbesa, km 8, Agbara Otta Road, Ogun State.

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ITS MISSION:  Is committed to a passionate and single-minded commitment to molding the tender life of a child from nursery through primary to secondary. Educating, mentoring and shaping them into the next generation of trailblazers, the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. S-Tee School is another reputable school with boarding facilities in Festac Town.

The school was established on 10th September, 1978 with a strong desire, passion and vision by the proprietress, Madam T.S. Lawal, to raise world class leaders that will prefer first class solution to societal ills through a full subscription to academic excellence and high moral standards.

The school also has groups and nationalities within the West African sub region as well as foreign students.

Its Mission Statement

It mission is to raise a Godly generation of students with high moral and academic standards to become global leaders, who will stand for excellence and integrity without compromise.

4. Tender Touch School is another school with boarding facilities in Festac Town, Lagos.

The school was established in September, 1994 with 23 students and 9 teachers .The college was founded by Chief(Mrs) D.O. Omisore, an educationist and a philanthropist .

The first inspection of the college by the Ministry of Education was conducted on 2nd February, 1996 and was approved on 25th September, 1996.

The college has grown very big and conducted its first JSCE in 1996 with a remarkable academic record of 97% success.

Its  Mission Statement

To produce an individual who is well prepared adequately equipped and geared towards self improvement, self actualization, national consciousness and a liberally educated leader.

  1. EARLY LIFE SCHOOLS, is another one of the few schools with boarding facilities in 6th Avenue, Festac Town.
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The school was established in July, 1994 by Chief and Mrs I.O. Nwokeji. It was an off-shoot of a sister school, early-life nursery and primary school, Festac town, which was established five years earlier.

Since its establishment, the school has grown from strength to strength. It has consistently produced excellent results in such examinations as JSCE, NECO, WASSCE and J.M.C.

It has also done very well in inter school sports, social cultural and academic competitions.

Our Mission Statement

To produce a crop of boys and girls, well equipped to face the challenges of life and to positively influence their generation.


6. Radiance Schools is another reputed school with boarding facilities for boys and girls in Festac Town.

One of the aims of the school is to demonstrable achievement so that our pupils are at the forefront of preparation for post-primary education, and for adult life to follow.

To this end, strong emphasis are placed on discipline and hard work.

The environment within a school plays a critical role in its development and progress. For this reason, it has great lengths to create an excellent environment in Radiance Nursery and Primary School.

Discipline and composure remain paramount as well as best teaching, learning and living facilities.

Mission Statement

To enable us achieve the above visionary statement, its mission is to utilize the latest technological advancements and innovation to facilitate the provision of the above key values.

  1. Potasfied College is a co-educational day and boarding Christian school. It came into existence in the year 2005.
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A great citadel of learning with modern day facilities for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Festac and Lagos State at large.

The school was set up through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with God in shaping the destiny of his children.

Its mission is to instill in the children the virtues that last, including sound academic entrepreneurial and moral skills that will place them on a firm pedestral for the challenges that lie ahead this turbulent generation.

  1. Saint Mary’s College located in Plot 32, 23 Road, Opposite Close I, is another reputable school with boarding.

The school was designed as a model institution where young scholars are given an all-round education to make them useful citizens of the community and the country at large.

Saint Mary’s College is rated one of the best private schools in Festac and  Lagos in general,  comprising four campuses ( Festac, Ajah, Okoko and Ajangbadi) respectively.

The school is equally famous with  comprehensive curriculum that caters for all aspects of student developmental needs and a conducive environment that enhances learning.

In addition, the laboratories and workshops are well equipped with modern facilities.




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