Top Schools And Addresses in Festac Town, Lagos.


There are many big, beautiful and well equipped schools in Festac Town, Lagos. The schools are committed to molding the tender life of a child from nursery through primary to secondary level. Most of the schools are strategically and richly located with long years of experience, well trained and dedicated staff and modern equipments to fast track students learning.


The top schools and addresses are as follow:


  1. Loral International Schools: 201 Road, D Close, Festac.


  1. St. Jude Private School: 5th Avenue, Festac Town.


  1. S-Tee Private School: 5th Avenue, H Close, Festac Town


  1. Radiance School: First Avenue, 41 Road, Festac Town


  1. Tender Touch School: First Avenue, H Close, Festac Town.


  1. Barbracos College: 24 Road, Festac.


  1. Kabe College: 24 Road, Festac.


  1. St. Mary’s Schools (Nursery/Primary: 23 Road, B close, Festac Town, Lagos.


  1. Doseg School: 201 Road, C Close, Festac


  1. Nazareth School: 3rd Avenue, H Close, Festac Town


  1. Arch Bishop Abiodun Adetiloye Schools: 41 Road, Beside Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Festac


  1. Early Life School: 3/4th Avenue, Festac Town


  1. Beacon Light Schools: 25th Road, Festac Phase II, via Abule Ado Bus Stop.


  1. Potasfield Schools: 512 Road Junction, Festac Town


  1. Communion School: Opposite NEPA Office, Agboju, Lagos.
  2. Fast Track International Schools: 4th Avenue, By 42 Road Junction, Festac Town.
  3. Emdee Schools: 322 Road, E Close, Festac.
  4. Mainflower School: 201 Road, D Close, Festac.
  5. St. Mary Secondary School: 23 Road, Festac Town.
  6. Redeemer Schools: 23 Road, Festac.
  7. Success Module Secondary School: 321 Road, G Close, Festac Town
  8. Brightest And Best Nursery/Primary School: 5th Avenue, V Close, Festac Town.
  9. FastTrack College: 7th Avenue B 1 Close, Plot 1826, Festac Town.
  10. Festac Senior College: 24 – 25 Road, Festac.
  11. Rubinard School: 201 Road, Behind Zenith Bank, Festac.
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In summary, we strongly hope intending visitors will take an advantage to visit the above mentioned schools for more details.

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