Pass English In WAEC/NECO And Other Exams Knowing Similes.


A simile is a phrase or figure of speech in which two things are given comparison. For instance, ‘as careless as the wind’.

Similes are very important in English to equip you generally and help tackle Lexis and structures, write a good essay and letter writing in WAEC/NECO and other relevant examinations.

Consider these similes below:

  1. As cold as ice.
  2. As ancient as the sun
  3. As brave as a lion
  4. As ambitious as the devil
  5. As blind as a bat/beetle
  6. As brittle as glass
  7. As brown as berry
  8. As busy as bee/an ant
  9. As calm as cat
  10. As careless as the wind
  11. As changeable as the weather/moon
  12. As dry as dust
  13. As faithful as a dog
  14. As drunk as a lord
  15. As deaf as a door post or adder
  16. As dark as pitch
  17. As cunning as fox
  18. As common as dirt
  19. As cool as cucumber
  20. As clear as crystal
  21. As devoted as a mother
  22. As false as dice
  23. As fat as butter or pig
  24. As pale as death
  25. As proud as a peacock
  26. As punctual as the clock
  27. As joyful as the fly
  28. As keen as mustard
  29. As large as life
  30. As hasty as fire
  31. As foolish as a calf
  32. As firm as a rock
  33. As gentle as the dove
  34. As hard as iron or nails
  35. As hungry as the wolf
  36. As harsh as truth
  37. As heavy as elephant
  38. As inevitable as death
  39. As innocent as the new born baby
  40. As jealous as a cat
  41. As good as gold
  42. As friendly as a puppy
  43. As forceful as the air
  44. As feeble as a child
  45. As fierce as a lion or tiger
  46. As green as grass
  47. As hairless as an egg
  48. As lazy as a toad
  49. As lively as a cricket
  50. As new as a day
  51. As peaceful as sleep
  52. As poor as church mouse
  53. As proud as a peacock
  54. As nervous as a mouse
  55. As open as a smile or day
  56. As neat as a new pin
  57. As pale as death
  58. As mute as a fish
  59. As patient as Job
  60. As plentiful as blackberries
  61. As fast as the lightening or thought
  62. As quiet as the grave or a mouse
  63. As real as the stars
  64. As restless as the sea
  65. As strange as a vision
  66. As senseless as stones
  67. As shameful as sin
  68. As shameless as a nude statue
  69. As silly as a goose
  70. As simple as A, B, C.
  71. As sleepless as owls/ducks
  72. As rude as bear
  73. As selfish as a fox
  74. As shy as squirrel
  75. As sincere as sunlight
  76. As slender as gossamer
  77. As slippery as an eel
  78. As thin or lean as rake
  79. As ugly as sin
  80. As weak as water
  81. As wise as Solomon or owl
  82. As wise as Socrates
  83. As transparent as glass
  84. As true as gospel or steel
  85. As sweet as honey
  86. As sure as death
  87. As timid as a mouse or rabbit
  88. As swift as an arrow
  89. As small as an atom
  90. As slow as tortoise or snail
  91. As vain as a peacock
  92. As wasteful as a hen
  93. As tenacious as a bull dog
  94. As tame as a sheep
  95. As stupid as a donkey
  96. As sound as a bell
  97. As secret as thought
  98. As senseless as stones
  99. As stubborn as a mule
  100. As sharp as needle or razor.
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The above stated similes or figure of speeches  are very important not only in writing good essay or letter writing, but are highlighted to groom you in your daily written and spoken English and above all help in your Lexis and structures, comprehension, summary in English Language in WAEC/NECO, JAMB, UTME and other relevant examinations.



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