Actress Stella Udeze: Biography And Net Worth

Stella Udeze is a popular Nollywood actress known for her role in Strange Twins.

She is an Ibo born Nollywood actress. The actual place of her birth, date, month and year not known.

Educational Background

Stella holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from one of the Nigerian Universities.

Her Acting Career

Stella Udeze began acting professionally in 2013 after joining Nollywood. She had a break when she went back to school to read management course and returned with zeal, determination and resilience in the acting profession.

She has since starred in several Nollywood movies, some of which are:

• A Week To My Wedding
• Melting Point
• Before Getting Married
• Bleeding King among others.

Stella is such a creative and highly talented Nollywood actress who knows how to interpret roles in movies brilliantly. She can as well fit into any character assigned her and her style of acting is loved and cherished by her numerous fans across the country.
She is known for taking roles in most seductive movies and many producers and directors prefer to feature Stella because she gives acting real life picture and many sit back to watch most of her movies. She is said to have over 30,000 followers on her instagram handle.
Her Personal Life
Stella Udeze is not yet married. But there is something peculiar about this lady. The on-screen Nollywood superstar is caring and passionate. The actress who confessed to Potpourri in a chat that she had once wrecked her account for love, revealed the kind of woman she is when it comes to love, sex and relationship.

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Stella Udeze “ I’m a sensual woman,” she said, describing her kind of person when in love but refused to dwell on her most intimate experiences, saying, “it is personal”.

But when asked why she feels actresses don’t have happy relationships, she said it was a matter of trust.

According to her, “men should stop having the impression that all actresses are prostitute, they should learn to differentiate the good from the bad. We can’t deny the fact that we are exposed to the world. I think when people stop to have this impression about them they will realize we can have the best relationships,” she concluded.

Her Net Worth
Stella Udeze is currently waxing stronger in the Nigerian Movie Industry, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $100,000 dollars.

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