Words Nearest In Meaning (Synonyms):Tips For Passing English In All Exams

Words nearest in meaning otherwise known as (Synonyms) are very important in tackling English language in any relevant examinations. It can also help equip any individual who cares to learn or read wide to speak confidently without fear of ridicule. For instance, “little, tiny, small” have the same or nearest in meaning.
In this post, we shall bring to focus tips that will groom candidates sitting for any exams, be it WAEC/NECO, JAMB, PUME, undergraduate studies and any relevant examinations. It will also serve as a veritable tool for those who have the passion to learn everyday. They include:
1. Affectionate or loving
2. Above or up/over
3. Adhere or stick
4. Advance or move
5. Amend or improve
6. Amazement or wonder
7. Assemble or gather
8. Astonish or surprise
9. Amusing or funny
10. Attack or fight
11. Before or earlier
12. Beg or pray
13. Backward or dull
14. Back or behind
15. Answer or reply
16. Beautiful or pretty
17. Alive or active or living
18. Bad or evil/poor
19. Believe or trust
20. Big or large
21. Brave or bold
22. Calm or quiet
23. Circular or round
24. Stop or cease
25. Clergyman or priest
26. Clever or bright
27. Comfortable or pleasant
28. Commence or begin
29. Blank or empty
30. Capture or seize
31. Convenient or suitable
32. Conversation or talk
33. Courage or brave
34. Bitter or sour
35. Bent or crooked
36. Behavior or conduct
37. Begin or star
38. Count or reckon
39. Comprehend or understand
40. Connect or join
41. Confess or admit or won
42. Custom or habit
43. Diligent or active
44. Deplorable or lament
45. Eager or keen
46. Elevat or raise
47. Elude or escape
48. Endure or bear
49. Enemy or foe
50. Dear or costly or precious
51. Consent or agree
52. Constable or police
53. Constant or fixed or steady
54. Disorder or confusion
55. Emperor or king
56. Enormous or great
57. Entire whole or total
58. Fatal or deadly
59. Fatigue or weariness
60. Feeble or weak
61. Genuine or pure or real
62. Glaring or conspicuous or dazzling
63. Fear or terror or dread
64. Hoax or trick
65. Insolent or rude
66. Malady or disease
67. Merry or lively or gay or jolly
68. Miserable wretched
69. Mischief or harm
70. Modern or new
71. Mute dumb or silent
72. Nasty or ugly
73. Lament or grieve
74. Kingly or royal
75. Margin or edge
76. Moisture or dampness
77. Prompt or quick
78. Polite or civil or well-bred or well behaved
79. Regret or sorrow or remorse
80. Ramble or roam
81. Queer or strange
82. Oral or verbal
83. Remarkable or noticeable
84. Renew or renovate
85. Robust or strong or fat
86. Rude or impolite
87. Stern or strict
88. Stubborn or obstinate
89. Surrender or yield
90. Suspend or delay
91. Thrust or push
92. Valour or bravery
93. Vanquish or defeat
94. Wrath or anger
95. Transparent or clear
96. Tranquil or peace
97. Timid or cowardly
98. Rule or govern
99. Umpire or referee
100. Withdraw or retire
In summary, students and any aggressive reader alike should endeavour to read the above stated synonyms for update of knowledge or passing any relevant examinations or both. Good luck.

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