Celine Dimas: Biography And Net Worth

Celine Dimas is a fast rising Nigerian actress, musician, television presenter and model. She hails from Imo State in south eastern Nigeria where she had her primary and secondary education respectively. Not much is heard about her educational background.

Her Career

Celine Dimas made her entry into acting when she accompanied a friend to an audition. She was talked into the business of acting and got a role which paved the way for subsequent roles in movies.

Celine has so far starred in several Nollywood movies including the hit action movie titled ‘Lola the series’, a television series directed by Wole Ogundare and Oludare.
The movie ‘Lola the series’ was shot in Lagos, which ex-rays the adventures of a super hero character played by Omolola Thomas a.k.a Lola, a focused, mean and no-nonsense female detective whose mission was to fight crime.

The movie was produced by Celine Dimas and has a fantastic cast of top Nollywood celebrities including Ayo Adesanya, Victor Edogbon, Ani Chinedu Emmanuel (Nedu), amongst others.

The Nollywood superstar is beautiful, creative and highly talented actress with good interpretation of roles in movies. She can take any character assigned her in movies and her style of acting loved and cherished by her numerous fans across Nigeria.

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Celine is also a movie producer with a number of movie production including a short action movie, “Lara” which she revealed was most challenging in her acting career because she got hurt in the process. She concluded that she loves the challenge.

Celine is a model and has made several appearances for giant companies.

Celine Dimas is also a musician with about five singles and two videos to her credit. She stated that acting remains her number one love.

Celine is grateful to God for the numerous achievements she attained in the course of acting which is fame, recognition and wealth. She hopes for more doors to open for her and prays to aspire to be known as a great actress, producer and director.

Celine hates anything failure and believes in trying till she gets it right.

Her Personal Life
Celine is not yet married. She keeps her personal issues top secret from the public domain. She however revealed that she likes a guy with a good sense of humour.

Celine also revealed that every part of her body is an asset to her.

Her Net Worth
Celine Dimas is currently waxing stronger in the Nigerian entertainment industry, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $400,000 dollars.

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