Actress Lisa Onu: Biography And Net Worth

Lisa Onu is a popular Nollywood actress and  model with several movies and soaps to her credit.

Lisa hails from Uturu in Abia State. Date of her birth is not known. Her parents died at her tender age and she had to cope with the rigours of life in her up-bringing with her other siblings, especially her elder sisters who ensured that she did not miss out of life.


Educational Background

Lisa Onu had her primary and secondary education in Abia state respectively.

Her Acting Career

Lisa Onu made entry into the Nigerian entertainment industry dated back to her young age in the secondary school, a passion she had always dreamt of.

She began acting professionally and has several Nollywood movies to her credit, some of which are:
• Stone Face; City Life
• Heart of a Woman
• Kidnappers
• Beyond the Eyes
• Stubborn Grasshopper
• Tango With Me
• City of Sinners
• Moment of Madness
• Son of a Slave and more.


The on-screen diva has also made significant progress in television series like Eve, I am in Treasures, Madam Export, Disclosures among others.

Onu was a coordinator and consultant of an NGO during her youth service days at Jigawa State on the silent killing disease, known as Diabetes.

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Lisa Onu is such a creative and highly talented Nollywood star, known for her good delivery of roles in movies. Her style of acting is not only cherished her by numerous fans, movie producers and directors in the industry prefer to feature her because of her brilliant acting.



Lisa is also a model. She has done a number of TV commercials for giant companies, jobs she revealed she got through advert casting procedures.

Some of the TV commercials include Ariel detergent, Super food seasoning, Honeywell wheat meal, Dallas hair products, Carat medicated soap and many others.

Her Personal Life

Lisa is not yet married but revealed she is in a serious relationship. “Yes, I am, but not in the industry and he is my personal affair”.
Lisa however look up to a God fearing man who indeed loves her for what she is and her career, saying the man who would always encourage her to succeed in her career.

Asked if she could go nude for money, Onu stated that not even the money in the world could make her think of it. “Nope, I am too Nigerian. l cannot for all the money in the world!”


Onu left a word of advice for the up-coming youths to first of all, find their strength and weaknesses and deal with them. She also advised them to believe in themselves and keep the dream burning and letting no one or vanity oppresses them and above all, “know God and be humble”.

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Onu however concluded that she expects in the next five years to be an established woman of substance.

Her Net Worth

Lisa Onu is indeed a source of inspiration to up-coming young Nigerian youths, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $350,000 dollars.

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