Actor Ofia Mbaka: Biography And Net Worth

Ofia Mbaka has his birth name as Ofia Afuluagu Mbaka. He is a renowned Nollywood actor, known for Anambra Boys (2018), Overseas (2015) and His Majesty (2004).
He hails from Enugu State in south eastern Nigeria. He is currently based in Enugu.

Educational Background
Ofia Mbaka is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu.

His Acting Career
Mbaka began his acting career behind the camera. Encouraged by veteran Nollywood actor Zulu Adigwe, he ventured into acting against all odds in the industry and was in the background right from the time “Osofia in London’ was shot in Enugu.
The talented actor was destined to be a Catholic priest. He started out from the seminary and bowed out, midway pitching his tent in the acting profession.
Mbaka acted his first movie, “Igbudu” from the stable of Great Movies Productions. It was that movie that launched him into the mainstream acting world.

Mbaka has so far starred in several Nollywood movies, some of which are:
• Heaven After Hell
• My Idol
• Overseas
• Hidden Treasure
• Men on Hard Way
• My School Prefect
• Secret Pledge
• Wind of Glory
• Church Business
• Beyond the Verdict among numerous others.

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Mbaka is creative, skillful and highly talented Nollywood actor known for good interpretation of roles in movies. He can fit into any character assigned him and he is one of those actors who largely impress his many fans with his brilliant style of acting. He is also a Nollywood actor who has come a long way in the industry.

Mbaka was the former Chairman, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Enugu State chapter.

His Personal Life
Mbaka recently got married to his long time girl friend, from Benin, Edo State. He met her while she was a student at Enugu State University of Science and Technology. The union is blessed with two children.
Ofia Mbaka revealed in an interview, that priesthood is not a profession for anyone to pursue, “it’s a vocation. If God has pre-destined you to be a priest, definitely you will become one”.
Mbaka also stated that if you are not, “you will be thrown out of the seminary school. I opted out on my own discretion, I was not thrown out of the seminary. But in as much as I opted out on my own, I would tell you that life in the seminary is not always an easy one”.
He however concluded that he never regretted going through the seminary, saying “I wonder what would have become of my life today, if I was not there. The training I got from the seminary has been sustaining me”.

His Net Worth

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Ofia Mbaka is indeed a prominent actor and strong pillar in the Nigerian movie industry, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 dollars.

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