How To Write A Good Application Letter For Employment


It is saddening to note that most secondary school students and even undergraduates do not know how to write a good application letter. Believe me, a poor application letter, not well packed will definitely throw you out of getting a job in any well establishment or organization or make you to fail an examination.

This is a good example of a formal letter which should have two addresses and a date. The addressees and the addressed. Your own address at the right hand side and the organization or government establishment you are writing to at the left side. In addition, it must have date.

John Obo

Close 2, House 1,

Satellite Town


Date: …………….

The Human Resource Manager

X Company Limited






For instance, a good application letter should have good introduction which should take the central point like: With reference to your adverts on our Daily News (you can be specific) either the Guardian Newspaper, The Punch Newspaper

etc dated so and so, I humbly apply for the post of marketing officer. If there is a direct link from the top management, you can refer to a discussion held on a particular date.

In another paragraph of the body of the letter, you can then state your name, your state and your qualification. This should be done in a simple language rather than being bombastic or verbose. For instance, I am a young man or lady of 20 years and a graduate of Mathematics from the University of Lagos and I hail from Delta State of Nigeria.

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In another paragraph, you can state that you have a flair for teaching or marketing as the case may be. And given the opportunity, you hope to do your very best by your unrentless zeal to succeed in all human endeavours by raising the company to greater height. Your long years of experience in the job will no doubt be added advantage.

In another paragraph, you can as well state that the necessary documents are attached for your perusal.

In conclusion, you hope that the request will be given speedy and favourable answers or response it desires.


Yours faithfully,


Name and signature in between your name and yours faithfully.


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