Fasting And Its Health Benefits


Fasting can be defined as a spiritual exercise whereby human beings voluntarily abstain from all kinds of food, whether solid or liquid for a period of time in order to focus on prayer and fellowship with the Almighty God.

Fasting has been described as a religious weapon with prayer  to fight, dethrone the devil and remove some spiritual hindrances in order to maintain a closer relationship with God.

Fasting can be carried out for days without any form of food whether water or fruits otherwise known as dry fasting. It can also be done for a limited hours in a day like between 6am and 2pm or 6pm as the case may be.

It has many spiritual benefits such as intimate relationship with God, opening the heart to revival, energizing believers to exercise greater spiritual authority in every situation, breaking stubborn yokes and giving speedy answer to prayers and many others.

However, fasting has been described by many scientists as a great weapon that promotes many health benefits in the human body system. This is one of the reasons why many medical experts recommend fasting for medical solutions.

This post brings out the health benefits of fasting and advise those who feel they cannot live without eating the three square meals a day to have a rethink and carry out this exercise that promotes good health of man.

The health benefits of fasting are as follow:

  1. It reduces the harmful protein production that provokes inflammation in the brain. In addition, fasting helps the brain to function very well because it boosts the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
  2. It helps to promote weight loss without necessarily harming yourself. This is achievable by predominantly fat loss, without following a traditional calorie restricted diet.
  3. Another health benefit of fasting is that it can help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  4. Fasting is also recommended by medical experts because of its power to improve insulin, sensitivity, promotes the secretion of human growth hormone, increases growth, regulation, supports healthier collagen in the skin and promotes stress response.
  5. Another health benefit of fasting is its power to promote heart health and reduce the sugar level in body. In addition, it helps to fight metabolic diseases and lowers blood pressure and the risk of deadly diseases.
  6. Fasting has another health benefit of improving immune system, clears the skin and prevents acne. In addition, it increases the body resistance to stress, offers protection against certain cancers and improves eating habbit or pattern.
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In conclusion, fasting is a good exercise both spiritually and health wise. However, we must be careful in carrying out this assignment. This means that you can only fast when your health allows it.

Diabetic patients are advised not to fast for a long period of time because this can cause their blood sugar level to drop low and this can be very dangerous. Moderation is hereby recommended for fasters.

And to those who believe that when they fast they will die,  should look at the health benefits attached and begin to embrace fasting as a means of promoting good health and well being of man.


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