Health Implications Of Using Blessing Cream In Nigeria


Bleaching or toning of the body in a very simple language, is the use of special cream (chemicallised cream) to harshly or forcefully change the body complexion, all in the name of beauty. This ugly trend, not minding the health implications or hazards has become a common phenomenon among women and even men in Nigeria. But is most pronounced among young ladies in our country.

This has a very disturbing and dangerous health implications on the victims even though they claim to be ignorant of this negative impact on them.

In every 10 Nigerian ladies for instance, you will see 9 using bleaching cream. The most even disturbing and annoying are those who are completely dark in complexion, who believe erroneously that they could turn their skin overnight to white.

The big question is why do you want to become white at all cost? How do you think you can fit in to be addressed as a white lady? Can black ever be called white? After successfully but stupidly damaged your skin, does it remove you from being a black African? Do you know black is beautiful?

In this post, I will bring out in a very simple diction the health implications of bleaching and why you should discontinue the ugly act.

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First, bleaching or toning of the body can cause skin cancer. In this part of the country of intense or harsh weather, it is foolish to think of it. Instances abound of victims of long use of bleaching cream to have cancer of the skin because the cream is skin-unfriendly and in most cases have reaction to the body.

Secondly, It is dangerous when carrying out surgical operations. I am a living witness to several women who have died as a result of inability to have successful surgery after long years and severe use of bleaching cream. Stitching in most cases becomes difficult or impossible.

Thirdly, Another health implication of bleaching is the long run effect of body wrinkle. Yes! It does not enhance beauty, rather victims suffer untold wrinkles of the body especially their faces when aging. This is one of the numerous potent reasons why you should discontinue if you have been using it. If you have the intension of venturing into the unprofitable act, please run from it.

Fourthly, it arouses body odour. Victims sweat a lot especially during intense sun. One beigins to imagine why causing unnecessary problem for yourself. You cannot eat your cake and still have it. You cannot regain your true self after doing yourself harm.  Like fire, the bleaching cream removes the layers  of your beautiful skin given to you by God.

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Lastly, those who bleach aside the financial involvement turn  black with disgusting look. They are in most cases older their age with heavy stretch marks and unpalatable look.

How do we stop this ugly act among young men and women in Nigeria? The following steps should be observed by the relevant agencies.

More awareness of health implications should be created to discontinue the use of bleaching cream among users in Nigeria. The awareness should centre on:

  • Bleaching does not add to beauty, rather it destroys it and makes the body to look old and wrinkled.
  • It is a mark of irresponsibility for people to think that they can create beauty out of their normal or real self.
  • That those who bleach or tone their skin run the risk of having skin cancer.
  • Victims of bleaching cream, in the long run turn black and ugly which must not stop.
  • Many users of bleaching cream have died in the course of surgical operation carried out on them.

In conclusion, we should learn to appreciate black complexion. We are black and beautiful. This is globally known and recognized. For instance, Agbani Derigo, a Nigerian, won the world beauty Pageant and so are other black ladies out there.

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Remember, the wise African saying that “he who is not proud of his colour is not fit to live”. We are black and beautiful, we must stop the use of bleaching cream which adds nothing to our beauty but has health implications or hazards on us. A stitch in time they say saves nine.  We must say no to bleaching cream from now henceforth.




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