How To Answer WAEC/NECO Question On Causes Of Road Accidents In Nigeria


Road accidents have become a trending phenomenon in our country today. No day passes in the history of this country, without hearing the bad news of road accidents on our high ways.

It calls for urgent attention because anybody can be involved in this unfortunate but in some cases avoidable happenings.

The most disturbing part of it all is that in most cases, many lives are lost which of course would have been avoided if the right channels are put in place.

The big question is why this ugly trend? Why do we continue to experience deaths through accidents on our high way? Can’t it be avoided or at least be reduced to the barest minimum?

This post will bring out the causes of road accidents in Nigeria and possible solutions that would help in no small way reduce the increasing trend.

Firstly, one of the causes of road accidents on our high way is the bad roads across the country. Most the roads are full of pot holes and in some cases so bad that you cannot even imagine it roads that link one area to the other. This development has been responsible for many deaths across Nigeria.

Secondly, excessive or over speeding is another cause of road accidents in the country. Most drivers are too much in a hurry to get to their destinations but ignorant of the of the bad spots on our high ways. Some drivers speed so much so that even at road bends, they don’t mind overtaking other vehicles. The resultant effect is accident and accident.

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Thirdly, most of our vehicles are not given adequate maintenance. You see most vehicles with worn-out tyres over speeding putting the lives of many in danger and the relevant agencies assigned to monitor them either take bribe and let go of such vehicles. This in most cases result in  accidents.

Fourthly, another cause of road accidents on our high ways is traceable to drunken drivers. Most our drivers take alcohol and drive recklessly thereby putting the many innocent Nigerians in very high risk. This negative factor has claimed many lives across the country.

Lastly, negligence and lack of concentration is another cause of road accidents in Nigeria. Imagine drivers answering calls while driving or discussing irrelevant topics with passengers while on steering and complete disregard to advice to exercise cursion. All these have resulted to accidents and many deaths on our high ways in the country today.

How then can we reduce the disturbing trend?

  1. The government should listen to the voice of reason and fix the roads without further delay. This is one of the primary aims or objectives of having a government. They should stop politicizing the maintenance of our roads across the country.
  2. The drivers need constant orientation on the limit of speeding. The recent move by the government to introduce speed limit to check excessive over speeding is a right step in the right direction. This no doubt will help to check excesses among recalcitrant drivers.
  3. The relevant agencies should be strengthened to checkmate drunken drivers. The slogan “don’t drive while driving” should be vigorously given publicity. Again, any driver found wanting in this regard should be arrested, tried and even jailed and licenses withdrawn. This will serve as deterrents to others and help reduce carnage on our roads to the barest minimum.
  4. Stringent measures or penalties should be introduced to check those who answer calls on steering as is obtainable in all other civilized countries of the world.
  5. Lastly, the vehicles should be adequately maintained before any journey can be embarked upon. Unfortunately, most of the spear parts imported into the country are fake, putting the lives of many Nigerians in danger. The standard organization of Nigeria (SON) should ensure these fake products are not allowed into the country.
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In conclusion, if all the above measures are put in place, the increasing rate of accidents will be drastically reduced in Nigeria. All hands must be on deck to make this a success.

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