Emmanuella: Biography And Net Worth

Emmanuella Samuel is her real name but fondly called ‘Emmanuella’. She is a talented and gifted Nigerian teenage comedienne. She was born 22nd of July 2010 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South South Nigeria. Her state of origin is Imo State Nigeria.
This kid, Emmanuella is an epitome of talents and creativity. She rose to popularity after she was discovered by a cousin of her, Mark Angel during his Skirt Comedy show “This is Not My Real Face Oh”.
Since then, Emmanuella has become popular and the much talked about to watch. Her videos are watched by millions of people, her YouTube channel has risen to over 1 million fans.
She kick-started her comedy show at a very tender age of 4 owing to her brilliant roles in mastery roles and good follow-up. She grew to be more famous, building on her skills and creativity and earning prestigious awards to her credit.
Emmanuella has won several awards both locally and internationally that most adult comedians in the industry are yet to achieve. They include the following:

In 2015, She won The G influence Niger Delta Special Talent award by the City People Awards and the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2015, an award her exceptional skills in comedy earned her.
2016, Emmanuella won yet two other prestigious awards in Australia, the Princess of Comedy and Most Prominent kid Comedienne.
The same year 2016, she was host to CNN in an interactive session, the first ever kid in Nigeria to break that record.
Emmanuella has bagged a lot of endorsement deals over the years. Her endorsement with top brands in Nigeria such Dabo tooth paste and Fresho drinks are currently earning her millions of Naira from adverts and brand promotions.
Inspite of her growing popularity and recognition, Emmanuella’s parents James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel preferred to remain silent and unanimous. Many wonder who her parents are.
Her Net Worth
Emmanuella is currently the most celebrated Nigerian kid, widely recognized nationally and internationally and most influential with an estimated net worth of about N40 million.

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