Letter To Your Father About The Excursion Undertaken By Your School


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10th Jan, 2019.

Dear Daddy,


I am writing this letter to intimate you about the wonderful excursion undertaken by our school to Ogba Zoo in Benin. Believe me Daddy! It was indeed a wonderful experience full of events.


The journey which began at about 9.00am on that remarkable day was beautiful. We all boarded the school bus, a 36 seater and the journey happily commenced from the school premises with singing and dancing.


Our focus was on seeing the animals of various kinds in the Zoo and the way they live. It was just more than that. The journey to Benin was smooth and joyous.


We arrived Ogba Zoo at about 2pm and without delay, we were led by the manager of the Zoo round the various sections.

Daddy! There I saw the beauty and wonder of God. I saw monkey, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Lion and other beautiful and wild animals. I gave out banana to the monkey  to eat. The way it accepted it, pilled it and put in neatly in its mouth was marvelous.


We went to another lion section. I saw how the lion was fed with a live goat and the way it devoid it hungrily. I was touched by this development and concluded that God is too great.

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Daddy, after visiting the entire Zoo, I found out that animals to an extent have some rationality in them. I said this because after giving out the banana to the monkey, I tried to give out ordinary paper, folded it and handed it to the monkey. Surprisingly, it unfolded it, found nothing in it and threw at me. Oh! What a wonderful social animal, I exclaimed,


After the visit which ended at about hours, we retired into our bus back to Lagos. We arrived Lagos safely at about 6pm without seeing accident on the way or involving in an accident. It was the Lord’s doing for journey mercy to and from Benin. The popular saying that travelling is part of education is indeed true. We learnt a lot from the excursion to Ogba Zoo.

In conclusion, I must say that the excursion undertaken by our school to Ogba Zoo in Benin was a beautiful one full of fun. It was indeed a remarkable one and will forever remain evergreen in my mind even if I become the governor or the president of my country in future.

Till we see face to face Daddy, keep fit and my warm regards to mum and my younger ones.

Your son,


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