Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Festac Town, Lagos.


The best legacy parents can leave for their child or children is to inculcate sound academic, morals, ethical values and the fear of God in such a child which helps him or her to socialize and relate well in the society.

It is also the desire of any parent to see his child or ward passed through a good school with sound academic records and values.

Cretaria for measuring schools as the best are based on modern facilities, academic records, socialization and what it offers in general to staff, students and the host community alike.

To achieve this therefore, it becomes pertinent to put such a child in any of the best schools mentioned below.

This article highlights the top 10 best Secondary schools in Festac Town, Lagos. They are:

  1. St. Judes Private Schools: Is another 10 best school in Lagos State.

The secondary school  was established in 1994).

The school offers the highest standard of a well-rounded education.

The aim is to develop students who are intellectually sound, academically excellent, and socially adept.

They can gladly say that they are  proud of having consistently high standards for over 40 years of existence.

Its  Mission:

To produce distinguished and accomplished leaders with high moral, social, social, academic and spiritual prowess that grow in the light of HOD through our commitment to the transformative power of a balanced curriculum, unrivalled moral standards and state of the art education.

To achieve this laudable objective, the academic and non-academic staff work in partnership with students, parents, and each other to provide quality education, which empowers the students to use their natural abilities to achieve their full potential.

Their core values are hinged on:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Service Excellence
  3. Ethics &Professionalism
  4. Honesty & Integrity
  5. Teamwork& Responsibility
  6. Care & Trust

Whatever their strengths, students are given every opportunity to develop their skills and interests, preparing them to live productive and fulfilling lives in the future.

As a Christian Community, St. Jude’s Private Schools desires that its students “Grow in the light of God”. As such, students benefit from their rich ethos which teaches them to put God first in all their affairs, and to be others-centered, even as they strive to be the best they can be in all that they do.


While academic achievement is important, it’s not the only important thing. They tend to balance this through educational philosophy, and academic and social  development. The School also has a rich, well-rounded curriculum, and an extensive range of sporting and social activities.

Equipped with modern days infrastructures established in a serene environment both the day and boarding in Festac Town their experiences at St. Jude’s Private Schools are proud that their  students are well groomed to be responsible and socially aware young men and women, who are able to face an increasingly demanding world with confidence and a zest for life.

The School has produced distinguished and accomplished leaders with high moral, social, academic and spiritual prowess that grow in the light of HOD trough their commitments to the transformative power of a balanced curriculum, unrivalled moral standards and state of the art education.

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St. Jude Private Schools has Partners with Cambridge Int’l Exams, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, (NAPPS), Oracle Academy Program Member, JAMB, WAEC and NECO and has over the years maintained high academic record both locally and internationally.

St. Jude Private school is therefore a citadel of learning helping students to become a lifelong learners and global citizens.

  1. Loral International School

Loral International School was established in 1978 by Loretta Nwosu after her successful education in Scotland.


The school headquarter is located in Festac Town which caters for primary and secondary school students and has grown so big and metamorphosed into five schools; with its boarding school in Igbesa, km 8, Agbara Otta Road, Ogun State.

ITS MISSION:  Is committed to a passionate and single-minded commitment to molding the tender life of a child from nursery through primary to secondary. Educating, mentoring and shaping them into the next generation of trailblazers, the leaders of tomorrow.


It has been able to demonstrate this through sound academic records, social activities, infrastructures, adequate manpower and high moral excellence.


The institution has well groomed manpower to prepare the students for both local and international examinations such as JSSCE, JAMB, SSCE, IGSCE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS and A/L Cambridge.

  1. 3. S-Tee School is another reputable school rated one of the best secondary in Festac Town.

The school was established on 10th September, 1978 with a strong desire, passion and vision by the proprietress, Madam T.S. Lawal, to raise world class leaders that will prefer first class solution to societal ills through a full subscription to academic excellence and high moral standards.

The School has multicultural population covering various ethnic groups and nationalities within the West African sub region as well as foreign students.

Its Mission Statement

To raise a Godly generation of students with high moral and academic standards to become global leaders, who will stand for excellence and integrity without compromise.

To raise a Godly government of students with high moral and academic standard that will stand for excellence and integrity

Owing to the school’s exceptional records, notable multinational companies like GSK, MTN and others have provided major support for the school annual events such as End of year concert, Prize Giving, Inter-house Sports competitions etc.

The school has recorded huge successes in various examinations in NECO, WASSCE, A LEVEL both nationally and internationally.

4. Tender Touch School is another one of the top 10 best secondary schools in Festac Town.

The school was established in September,1994 with 23 students and 9 teachers .The college was founded by Chief(Mrs) D.O. Omisore ,an educationist and a philanthropist .

 Its  Mission Statement

To produce individuals who are well prepared adequately equipped and geared towards self improvement, self actualization, national consciousness and a liberally educated leader.

The first inspection of the college by the Ministry of Education was conducted on 2nd February,1996 and approval was finally granted on 25th September, 1996.The college conducted its first JSCE in 1996 and scored 97% success.

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The school has recorded  tremendous successes in various examinations like TOEFL,SAT,IGSE,A-Level both locally and internationally.

Tender Touch school has boarding facilities and is geared towards Sponsorship, Scholarship, Publicity and Books Donations as part of its laudable contributions to academic development in Nigeria.


  1. EARLY LIFE SCHOOLS is another rated top 10 best Secondary school in Festac Town.

The school was established in July, 1994 by chief and Mrs I.O. Nwokeji. It was an off-shoot of a sister school, early-life nursery and primary school, Festac town, which was established five years earlier.

Our Mission Statement

To produce a crop of boys and girls, well equipped to face the challenges of life and to positively influence their generation.

Since its establishment, the school has grown from strength to strength. It has consistently produced excellent results in local and international examinations like JSCE, NECO, WASSCE AND J.M.C SAT etc and  it has also done very well in inter school sports and social competitions.

The school has its plan to consolidate on the achievements already attained over decades of existence through its modern day learning facilities and sound academic staff of the institution.

6. Kabe College is also one of the top 10 best secondary schools in Festac Town. From the first three years of secondary school, the curriculum becomes widened and intensive with core focus in English, Mathematics and a Nigerian language and ICT development. The school is blessed with sound academic staff to broaden the children’s prospects both home and abroad.

Again, learning is safe with stimulating environment specially designed for students preparing for local and international school examinations like WASSCE, GCE, IGCE, SAT, CAMBRIGE A/L etc.

The past excellent and present academic records so far attained are a living testimony.

Kabe College is also a notable school with extra-curricular activities. For instance, it has a standard sized pitch for students  to explore their talents in lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball and football.

They also have partner relationships with gyms where students  learn how to swim and other mental stimulation games such as chess, scrabble and monopoly are played at specific times.


7. Radiance Schools is another top 10 best secondary school in Festac Town.

The school which had its long years of existence had its vision to provide a world-class qualitative education to our children, by imbibing the following key principles at the most affordable price possible.

To this end, a strong emphasis is placed on discipline and hard work. The environment within a school plays a critical role in its development and progress.

The school has over the years continued to put in place the best teaching, learning and living facilities which include-.

–   High Standard classrooms with good ventilation and lighting.
–   A Sickbay fully fitted out.
–   Whiteboards for teaching and learning.
–   Computer Room ( each student to a computer)
–   Playground with swings, merry go round etc
Sporting facilities including table tennis, volleyball basketball, football; Swimming pool for the Nursery section; Music Room with musical equipment; Well furnished Art Studio; Standby generators etc.

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Its Mission Statement

To enable us achieve the above visionary statement, our mission is to utilize the latest technological advancements and innovation to facilitate the provision of the above key values as indicated in our vision statement.

  1. Saint Mary’s College located in Plot 32, 23 Road, Opposite Close I, is another top 10 best secondary school in Festac with boarding.

The school was designed as a model institution where young scholars are given an all-round education to make them useful citizens of the community and the country at large.

Saint Mary’s College is rated one of the best private schools in Festac and  Lagos in general,  comprising four campuses ( Festac, Ajah, Okoko and Ajangbadi) respectively.

The school is equally famous with  comprehensive curriculum that caters for all aspects of student developmental needs and a conducive environment that enhances learning.

In addition, the laboratories and workshops are well equipped with modern facilities for sound academic records.


  1. Success module secondary school is another rated one of the 10 best secondary schools in Festac Town.

The school which officially opened on Monday 29th Sept, 2000 with 10 students and 7 teachers has grown so big and has since recorded huge success in academic, social and sporting competitions across national and international.

Its Mission Statement

To develop Talent and improve skills for moral and academic excellence.

The owners of the school Dr & Mrs Oparah”s idea of setting up a private school was borne out of the desire to contribute their own quota to the development of secondary education in the country to eradicate moral decadence in the society.

  1. Beacon Light High School is another reputable 10 best secondary school in Festac Town.

Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality education with rich learning experience in a safe ,morally sound and caring environment

Beacon Light High School located at 25th Rd, Festac Phase 2 ,Abule Ado Bustop off Badagry Expressway Lagos was established on the 13th September,2010.

Its main goal is to enter into partnership with foreign examination bodies, establishing a higher institution of learning, Preparing students for international quiz competitions among others.

The school is also ready to Partner with Lagos State Government for continuing professional Development, Having Favorable education policies for private schools and high moral values for all.



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