Liberian Actor Frank Artus: Biography And Net Worth

Gregory Artus Frank is widely known as Frank Artus. He is a Liberan actor, producer, director in the West African film industries.
He was born May 4, 1979 in Montserrado County, Liberia. He hails from Liberia.

Educational Background
Frank had his elementary and secondary education and later at AME University in Monrovia, where he obtained a degree in Human Resources Management.

His Career
Frank began his career in Liberia. Shortly afterwards, he branched out to Ghana where he worked at Venus Films, then eventually moved on to shoot movies in Nigeria (Nollywood).
After accepting minor roles in movies in Liberia, Artus wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Juetey (Children’s Business).
In 2008, Juetey won six awards including best writer, best supporting actress, and movie of the year. Juetey was Frank’s first attempt at screenwriting. Since then, he has featured in more than 100 movies.
Some of his movies include:
• Agony of Birth
• Amaka Mustapha
• Anger Of A Prince
• Anointed Prince
• ATM Masters
• Game Mistress
• Game of Roses
• Game On
• Guilty Threat
• Hands of Fate
• Holy Secret
• Spiritual Killer
• Sugar Town
• Swing of Emotion
• Tears of the Moon
• Temptation and several others.

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Frank has been nominated for various prestigious awards. They include:
• Best International Actor award in 2012 at the African Academy Awards.
• He also won the 2013 Hall of Grace Award for his brilliant role in a movie Order of the Ring in 2012.
• In 2015, Frank was presented with the Face of Africa Award as a well-known actor.
• He also received Humanitarian Figure Award from the Continental Award Committee for his immense contributions to the fight against ebola.

His Personal Life
Frank is married to his long time friend Prima Cooper Frank and the union is blessed with three kids, two beautiful girls and a boy named after his Mentor, Indian Super Star, Shah Rukh Khan.

His Net Worth
Frank Artus is a renowned Liberian actor, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 dollars.

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