Amaka Osakwe: Biography And Net Worth

Amaka Osakwe is a renowned Nigerian fashion designer and creator of the African-based fashion label named Maki Oh. She has led her woman swear label since 2010 from Lagos, and it is a Nigerian-based label that has received global recognition.
She was born 1987 in the eastern part of Nigeria. She is an Ibo decent.

She studied at the Arts University Bournemouth where she received a BA in Fashion Studies. In autumn/winter 2010 she launched her label. She was inspired by rural Ghana’s Dipo rites-of-passage ceremony, during which girls taking part, were partially naked and ornately adorned.
Osakwe has since come up with cloaking and ornamentation using traditional African fabrics. Recently her label was discovered by the U.S. fashion scene in 2012, when she presented her designs at the New York Fashion Week.
The uniqueness of her brand is her use of a traditional Yoruba indigo-dyed textile called “Adire”, a cultural specialty whose practice revolves around modern-day Ogun and Osun states in western Nigeria.
Amaka is a wonderfully talented designer combining Western silhouettes and native materials and motifs to provide a complete lace-blouse and pencil-skirt coupled with unsettling raffia eyeballs.

The former United States First Lady, Michelle Obama, is well-known for being a style icon, wore an Amaka Osakwe-designed Maki Oh blouse during summer 2013 trip to South Africa.
Internationally recognized stars like artistes Beyoncé and Rihanna and Hollywood actress Kerry Washington have all joyfully worn outfits designed by the Nigerian designers.
Her designs also have been worn by the likes of Solange Knowles, Lady Gaga, Issa Rae, and Leelee Sobieski and by Nigerian TV presenter Eku Edewor are sold internationally through, and in United States at the McMullen Boutique in Oakland.
Osakwe was named “Designer of the Year” by African Fashion Magazine ARISE. This recognition is truly global.
Since 2010, her work has received much recognition and has been showcased at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Vitra Design Museum, and the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

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Her Net Worth
Amaka Osakwe is an exceptionally talented Nigerian Designer, rated wealth and most influential in the entertainment arena, with a net worth of over $1 million dollars.

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