Aminu Saira: Biography And Net Worth

Aminu Muhammad Ahmad is his birth name, also fondly called Aminu Saira is a Nigerian filmmaker, director and story writer and of the founding fathers of Kannywood Movie Industry.
He was born on April 20, 1979 in Gwammaja in Kano State, Nigeria to an elder statesman, Muhammad. Aminu grew up in Kano metropolis with his two siblings.

Educational Background
Aminu had his primary, secondary and tertiary education in Kano respectively.
He also studied Quranic Science in Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies, Kano, Nigeria.

His Career
Aminu began his acting career in Kannywood in 2006 after quitting his job as a businessman. He acted his first movie, ‘Musnadi’, a movie that shot him to fame and recognition in the industry.
He became more famous after the release of his hit movies, ‘Jamila Da Jamilu’ in 2009, Ga Duhu Ga Haske in 2010 and Ashabul Kahfi in 2014. The said movie earned him several honors and awards including Best Director of the Year (Jurors Choice Awards) in 2014.
Aminu Saira has so far starred in several Kannywood movies, some and most recent of which are:
• Toron Giwa
• Ban Sani Ba
• Kona Gari
• Baya Da Kura
• Wani Zama
• Uma Tafi Uwa
• Kidan Kitso
• Jarumta
• Kalio Ya Koma Sama among many others.

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The highly creative and versatile Aminu released As-Habul Kahfi and went ahead to launch first his Hausa home video series ‘Labarina’, a development widely applauded and celebrated as the first ever in the history of Hausa movie industry.
Labarina is adjugded the best trending home video in Kannywood in recent time and the most popular television series in 2020 which is freely aired on Arewa 24 tv.
In 2016, Aminu was named best Kannywood director of all times and one of the highest paid in the history of Kannywood movie industry.

Aminu Saira’s immeasurable contributions to the growth and development of Kannywood cannot be overemphasised. He has also influenced the now great actors in the industry in the likes of Hadiza Aliyu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Ali Nuhu and many others who described him as a superstar.

Awards and Honours
The veteran has won several awards and honours notably as:
• 2013 Best Director at Entrepreneur Awards.
• 2013 Movie Director at Kannywood/AMMA Awards.
• 2014 Best Director of the year (Jurors Choice Awards) at Kannywood Awards.
• 2014 Best Director (Popular Choice Awards) at Kannywood/AMMA Awards.
• 2015 Best Director of the year (Jurors Choice Awards) at Kannywood/MTN Awards.
• 2015 Best Director (Popular Choice Awards) at Kannywood/AMMA Awards.
• Saira was also awarded best director by several other media outlets including Arewa Music and Movies Awards.

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His Personal Life
Aminu Saira has been happily married with children.

His Net Worth
Aminu Saira is indeed a veteran and strong pillar of Kannywood, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $750,000 dollars.

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