Najite Dede: Biography And Net Worth

Najite Dede is a popular Nollywood multi-faceted entertainer as an actress, dancer and an aspiring movie producer and director.
Najite date and place of birth are not known, but has been involved in several theatre productions.

Educational Background
Najite Dede has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a post-graduate Diploma in Theatre Arts, both from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Her Acting Career
Najite Dede made entry into Nollywood some years back and has since played brilliant roles in movies including the cast of “30 Days” as the comical but deadly killer, Temilola Brisbee.

The beautiful, versatile Nollywood star has since starred in several Nollywood movies and television series, some of which are:
• The Upside Your Head Show
• All About Ere
• Prince of the Savannah
• Bar Beach Blues among numerous others.

Najite is creative and highly talented Nollywood actress known for good interpretation of roles in movies. She can fit into any character assigned her in movies and her style of acting has attracted movie producers and directors in the industry who prefer to feature her in most movies.

She is also a famous dancer, her lifelong dream thereby making her a multi-faceted entertainer.

Najite hopes to study cinematography and directing for films and believes that her background as an actress would enhance her abilities in these two areas.

Her Personal Life
Najite Dede’s family issues are not known. She keeps her marital issues top secret with no known information about her relationship.

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Her Net Worth
Najite Dede has remained prominent in the movie industry with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 dollars.


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