How You Can Overcome Worry In Life



Definition of Worry

Facts about worry

How do we  overcome worry?



By definition, worry is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. Worry has been described by many medical experts as “Silent Killer”. Things that could trigger off worry in a man’s life are many – financial disaster, frustration, unnecessary tension,  apprehension, loneliness, grief, long held illness and habitual worry.  If you must be great, don’t be worried in life. Worry is another parasite and it wears one out.

This topic calls for serious concern because it involves both the old and the young.

Facts About Worry

  • Worry is a Silent Killer. Many people are ill because of dammed-up-anxiety and this in the long result in many kinds of ill health.
  • Worry keeps you very busy but gives you nothing nor progress.
  • Worry is like you are sitting in a rocking and moving chair. The chair is rocking and moving but no progress. No man has ever made an inch of progress by worrying. If you are given to worry, you are prone to stagnate in life. The Bible enjoined us to “be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God”.
  • When you are worried, faith jumps out of the window and at that point, there is nothing heaven can do for you because without faith, it is impossible to please God.
  • Human beings are not born with worry habit. Is an attitude acquired which can be overcome or cast out entirely.
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Thus, since worry habit can be eliminated or cast out of one’s life, it requires an aggressive, direct action in the elimination process, hence the question:

 How Do We Overcome Worry?

  1. The fact that worry is acquired and we are not born with it is a step to overcoming worry in life. The first step to take in overcoming worry is to believe that you can. Whatever you believe you can do, you can do with God’s behind you.
  2. Another factor that can help to overcome worry in life is living a contented life. This will help you to eliminate worry and live long. Some people have too much greed such that the craze to acquire more and more at the expense of others not having at all is in their blood. Be moderate in all things of life, go early to bed and rise early, be free from worry and fear, especially of death, have serene mind and put all your faith and trust in God.
  3. To overcome worry in life, we should practice emptying the mind daily. This is called mind drainage. Freeing your mind from worry, fear of thoughts. Never thought of evil because he that planed evil they say, gets evil. Visualize your fears as being drained out of your mind and the visualization will in due course be actualized.
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  1. Another factor that can overcome worry in life is to be careful on the things we imagine because imagination is a source of worry and can also be cure for worry. What kind of thing do you imagine? Positive things can relieve worry and promote happiness and negative things can increase worry.


  1. Another strong weapon to overcome worry in life is to be closer to God by going to church and doing the needful. Survey shows that people that go to church regularly live longer and happier than non church members.


  1. Also, married people live longer and happier too than singles perhaps because a married couple can share their worries. But as single, you have to do it all alone. Pray to God for a good life partner and this will go a long way to relaxing your troubled mind.


  1. It is also advisable to worriers that you should fill your mind with faith and in due course the accumulation of faith will make you overcome worry. You should in all cases fill your mind with thoughts of God’s power, His protection, and His goodness. Spend quality time daily filling your mind with the things of God. The greatest mind has is the best ability to be simple. Greatest mind in shorts are simple mind. Oh, how can I learn to forget things, forgive and forge ahead. It frees me from all my worries.
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To sum up this very important write-up, we should know that worry is the most disintegrating enemy of human personality and physicians declare that worry is the most stable and destructive of all human diseases. It is a silent killer. Thousands of people are ill today because of “dammed-up-anxiety”. These worriers or sufferers have been unable to expel their anxieties which have resulted in many kinds of ill-health.


We should try to overcome worry by saying to yourself, I can change any habit with God’s help, practice faith, believe in God, be prayerful, practice saying something positive, never participate in worry conversations, have thoughts of hope, happiness, glory, radiance not gloomy thoughts, cultivate friendship with hopeful people, help people overcome their worries and finally believe that God is with you always in all circumstances and these factors no doubt will help you to overcome worry and promote happiness and longevity in your life.

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