How You Can Obtain Greatness In Life

How You Can Obtain Greatness In Life.

Greatness is a remarkable achievement in life. It is the dream or aspiration of every man born of a woman in this turbulent world.

To be great in life goes beyond mere possession of money or wealth alone. The history of so many people that we have heard or read about in history books today that changed the world and made tremendous impact on humanity was not all about money but they used their God-given talents or potentials to make a difference. Many rich and wealthy people have died and have their names disappeared from history books.

Greatness therefore means a tremendous breakthrough in life, a wonderful and unique achievement and a legacy with a difference.

How then can we achieve greatness in life? What positive steps should be taken to achieve greatness in life? The following steps should be strictly followed:

  1. Be a Person of determination: In other words, be ever determined to succeed. Stay focused on the something until it is achieved. For instance, some people pull out of doing something simply because it is difficult to do or abandon it and run away because of initial challenges or hitches in life. Be determined to succeed no matter the initial challenges. Abraham Lincoln of American made several attempts before he became the President of America.


  1. Learn from mistakes of the past: Always educate and correct yourself from the errors or mistakes of your past or mistakes of others. Observe and study people and events around you so you don’t fall into the same errors that others made. Others did not succeed in a particular business does not mean you will fail. Believe in God and yourself to succeed and you will be great in life.
  2. Check your character: Note that if your character is bad, no matter how talented you are, you will not get far in life, rather you will find people with less potential being promoted to be your boss. You may be extremely talented but without character, it is all in vain.
  3. Your attitude determines how far you can go. As it is within, so it is without. The same problem can confront two persons. One may be completely devastated to the point of not being able to recover. The other person although devastated also, would simply sit down, anlayse things, re-adjust and forge ahead.
  4. Being Worried: If you must be great, don’t be worried in life. Worry is another parasite and it wears one out. Worry keeps you very busy but gives you no progress. Worry is like you are sitting in a rocking and moving chair. The chair is rocking and moving but no progress. No man has ever made an inch of progress by worrying. If you are given to worry, you are prone to stagnate in life. The Bible enjoined us to “be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God”.
  5. Strive for excellence: Strive for excellence in whatsoever you do and this will surely lunch you to greatness. Refuse to be a mediocre by simply following the biblical instruction “whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it well to the glory of God”.

Note that if you are good at what you do, irrespective of where you are, people will seek you out. Learn and be skillful in your trade or profession. Strive to be the best in your endeavour and with God by your side, you never fail.

  1. Anger: can be a destructive factor that could work against your greatness. Anger is very dangerous especially when it is out of control. Anger does more havoc to the person who is exhibiting it than the person it is directed to.
  2. Have a good dream: Yes! The world belongs to the dreamers. Therefore, you must have your own dream that would inspire you to go on. Most celebrities of today had a dream and the dream galvanized them to greatness. People like Bill Gate of the United States of America, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, the young Davido, another Nigerian singer and celebrity etc.
  3. Be kind to others: Show love to others. You must be a person of compassion. Kindness will influence people more than talking or eloquence. Some people lack compassion and is very unfortunate. Remember what the Bible equally says concerning compassion “do not let mercy and compassion depart from you”. A man, a retired civil servant told me a story of another man who was wicked in their department. In short, it was a matter of time. When the man retired, it happened one day the son came for a written test in the same department. As the invigilators were going about monitoring the exams, behold the name of that wicked man. One of them asked the son: “Are the son of so so man?” He said yes. Right there, they informed him not to bother to further write the test. “You father was a wicked man who never knew what was love to humanity”. That was how the young man cried out of the hall and went home.
  4. Change: Is your friend and not an enemy that could hinder greatness in a man’s life. Change for the better is usually a good friend. I have a friend who tried in one business and failed. That did not stop him from trying another business. For instance, he tried dry-cleaning business and was not successful and switched over to selling granite. Today, he is great.
  5. Your Choices: Your choices today can determine your tomorrow. We make choices everyday and those little choices we make add up to make us what we are in life. If our choice is to succeed in life and be great, so be it. Sometime ago, I watched AY’s interview with AIT. He said while on campus, he was very active doing one show or the other to meet up in life. When the parents died, he took up the responsibilities of the younger ones by ensuring that no one dropped out of school.
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Today, according to him, he is not only comfortable because of his sudden rise to fame but because the younger ones have all graduated and great in their areas of endeavour. He fought to see this dream come true.

  1. Be of help to others: This is another key factor that could lunch you to greatness. Tomorrow, when the ladder is down, the people you rendered help to in the past could be of help to you tomorrow. Besides, being of help to others has helped many today in difficult situations.
  2. Pride: Is a twin brother of failure. If you must be great in life, humble yourself before God and He will lift you up. if you have pride, it will be difficult to go far in life. People will run from you will find people with less potential being promoted to be your boss. You may be extremely talented but without being humble, it is all in vain. Remember the popular saying: “a pride goeth before a fall”. God hates pride.

In conclusion, to be great in life is not by mere possession of money or wealth alone. The history of great men today  that we have heard or read about in history books, who have changed the world one way or the other, made tremendous impact on humanity through their God-given talents or potentials. Many rich and wealthy people have died and have their names disappeared from history books. So, cultivate the habit of being humane and be good to others. Be determined to succeed be of courage and observe the above mentioned steps or points and you will surely be great in life.

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