Actor Alaso Wariboko: Biography And Net Worth

Alaso wariboko is a Nollywood actor, comedian and a multi-talented instrumentalist, who plays guitar and a talented singer. He hails from Kalabari, a community in Rivers State in south southern Nigeria.

His actual date of birth is not known.

He had his primary and secondary education in Rivers state. After his first and secondary certificates respectively, he joined Nollywood, a dream he had always look forward to.


His Acting Career

Alaso Wariboko joined Nollywood in 2001 and acted his first movie “She Devil”. He built on his talents and became prominent in Nollywood.

He rose to fame after featuring in a hit movie “Across the Border”. The movie earned him a nick name Machine Gun AK 47. He is known to feature in action movies alongside Nollywood top stars like Sylvester Madu, Zubi Michael, Emma Ehimadu, Jim Iyke, Junior Pope Odonwodo, Gentle Jack among others.


Alaso Wariboko is such a talented Nollywood actor, highly gifted in acting and interpreting movie roles. He accepts any character assigned him and perform excellently well. He features well in action movies like armed robbery, kidnapping and cultism. He is known to be a super star in handling guns.

He has acted in over 70 Nollywood movies including Bad Boys, Across the Border, My Life, Silent Book, She Devil, My Mother, Sweet Bannana, Home Alone, Prodigal and several others.

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His brilliant years of acting has earned him prestigious awards including:

  • Best supporting roles at the African Movie Academy Awards.
  • Best actor in action movies also at the African Movie Academy Awards.

However, his journey to success in acting was not without huddles. He had a humble beginning, but by dint of hard work and determination to succeed, he emerged a superstar in the movie industry.

Alaso Wariboko is happily married with children.


His Net Worth

Alaso Wariboko is a prominent Nollywood actor, exceptionally talented and skillful, rated one of the richest, most influential with a net worth of about $450,000 dollars.






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