Actress Kiki Omeili: Biography And Net Worth

Kiki Omeili has her full as Nkiruka Kiki Omeili. She is a fast growing Nigerian actress, television personality, producer, entrepreneur, medical expert and a philanthropist.

She was born and brought up in Lagos State to Mr. Charles and Maureen Omeili. She is the second child in a family of four children. She hails from Nimo, a community in Anambra State in south eastern Nigeria.


Educational Background

Kiki had her primary and secondary education in Lagos state. After obtaining her first and secondary school certificates respectively, she went to the University of Lagos to have degree in medicine and surgery in 2006.


Her Acting Career

Kiki’s acting career actually started in her primary and secondary school days when she used to perform in stage play and drama presentations.

Her quest to make it in acting did not depreciate as her strong passion for acting continued in her days in the University of Lagos. Not even the rigorous academic enterprise that greets the course medicine she read. She was a member of the Acting Club and acted in a number of drama and play competitions in the institution.


Her acting profession with Nollywood started in 2011. She acted her first television Series “Behind the Smile”, where she played a supporting role.

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In 2012, she again acted another movie “Married But Live Single”. She starred in the movie alongside Joseph Benjamin, Femi Braninard, Joke Silva and Funke Akindele and the famous director Tunde Olaoye.

She has acted in a number of movies, some of which include:

  • A Mother’s Fight
  • Nowhere to be Found
  • Gidi Culture
  • Lekki Wives
  • Oblivious
  • Sting
  • Echoes of Silence
  • Light in the Dark
  • The Valley Between and others.


Kiki is beautiful, creative, skillful and exceptionally talented Nollywood actress. She can interpret movie roles in a brilliant manner and can as well accept any character in movies. Her style of acting is such that gives acting real life situation.

She is also a versatile young woman. In 2009, she did voice covers for projects like LG and MTN World Cup Countdown programme.

August 2013, her popular television series “Lekki Wives” was renewed for a second season and based on this positive development, her contract was extended.

In 2011, she was host of Dance reality TV show named “Dance 234”, a Koga entertainment production.


She also hosted the Health Segment on Smooth Fm’s Saturday Morning Radio Show known as “Balancing Life” and as a prolific writer, has several articles in Online blogs.

Kiki has made a tremendous progress in her acting profession. In the early 2016, she acted another Nigerian Box Office hit movie, “Couple of Days”. The movie was very successful and had large volume of sales. It also recorded impressive reviews from movie critics.

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She is also a producer and has successfully produced a number of movies including the famous short film “Unprotected”. It was a movie based on her real life story on campus where she played the lead role and featured other supporting characters like Blessing Ambrose, Nathan Kingsley, Eric Didie, Bimbo Ademoye and others.



Kiki Omeili has in her years of acting, won several awards. Some and most recent include:

  • 2012 Best actress in a supporting role in English at the 17th African Film Awards.
  • 2014 nominee for television actress of the year at the Exquisite Lady of the year (ELOY) Awards for lead role in the TV Series “Lekki Wives” where she played the role of Lovette.
  • 2015 Best supporting actress for her role in a movie “Sting” at the 2015 Global Icons Academy Awards held in the United States of America.
  • 2016 Best supporting actress of the year at the City People Entertainment Awards held in Lagos Nigeria.
  • 2016 nominee for Best lead actress in a short film at the Berlin Film Festival International Awards for her role in a movie “Deluded”.


Kiki has also been involved in several humanitarian projects with NGOs. She led Cancer Awareness Walk in Lagos to create awareness of the deadly disease and raise funds to help victims living with cancer through social media platform and events.

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Her Net Worth

Kiki Omeili is an accomplished Nollywood actress, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $500,000 dollars.



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