Actress Elvina Ibru: Biography And Net Worth

Elvina Ibru is a popular Nollywood actress and On-Air Personality.
She was born on May 22 1972 in Lagos state. She hails from Agbara Otor, Delta State. She is the 11th child of the late businessman, Olorogun Michael Ibru. She is gifted and exceptionally talented actress.

Educational Background
Elvina had her primary and secondary education respectively in Lagos State and later attended the London Academy of Performing Arts in London.

Her Acting Career
Elvina began acting dated back to her early days of 8 when she used to perform in drama and stage plays.
Elvina became famous in Nollywood after taking a role in Vagina Monologues which was then produced by Joke Silva. The programme was stage for the International Women’s day of 2007 in Nigeria to address issues we grapple in our society; such as child molestation and domestic violence.
Some of the topics, though universal but has some that are peculiar to us; such as for instance, a woman being asked to drink the water used to wash her husband’s corpse.

Elvina is creative, skill and highly talented Nollywood actress, known for taking different roles in movies. She can as well fit into any character assigned her by movie producers and directors in the industry.
She has since starred in several movies including a popular hit movie “Bling Lagosians” produced by Bolanle Austen Peters. Her co-associates has the cast of top Nollywood celebrities like Helen Paul, Alex Ekubo, Toyin Abraham, Tana Adelana and others.

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Aside acting, Elvina is also a veteran broadcaster and had since worked for the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC).
Elvina revealed that she would have also wanted to be a forensic detective if she were good at sciences or an archaeologist because of her obsession with history. She is considering taking a course in African Magical Rites.
Again, her ability to interpret roles with a clinical precision fetched her accolades from fans and even colleagues. No wonder Elvina’s work received recognition both locally and internationally, and was crowned the Miss Big and Beautiful U.K.

Elvina revealed that her sister Gloria Ibru who had a daughter for the gospel singer, Sammie Okposo actually inspired her a great deal in acting.
Her Personal Life
Elvina Ibru is not yet married, though had a son named Elijah. She is currently based in Apapa, Lagos.

Her Net Worth
Elvina Ibru is indeed one of the highly celebrated Nollywood actresses in Nigeria, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $1 million dollars.

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