Actor Kunle Bamtefa: Biography And Net Worth

Kunle Bamtefa is a veteran Nigerian actor known for playing the role of “Uncle Pablo” in The Johnsons family sitcom and Chief Fuji in Fuji House of Commotion.

Educational Background
Kunle Bamtefa is a graduate of Performing Arts from the Ibadan, majorly on dance, acting and directing for television and stage.

His Career
Kunle Bamtefa began his career in Radio Nigeria, where he worked as a studio manager before getting into the University of Ibadan to study Theatre Arts.
Upon graduation, he was immediately absorbed into NTA 10 where he created a comedy programme titled, ‘Sura the Tailor’, an interesting programme he wrote, produced and directed sometime between 1983 and 1984.

Kunle has so far starred in several Nollywood movies and television series, some of which are:
• Checkmate, 1991
• Mortal Inheritance, 1996[3]
• Violated, 1996
• Saworoide,1999
• The Johnsons
• Fuji House of Commotion

Kunle is creative, skillful and highly talented Nollywood star, known for brilliant interpretation of roles in movies. The Nigerian movie industry cannot be complete without the mention of this veteran who has made tremendous contribution to its growth and development.
Kunle who revealed that he started his acting career on stage before the advent of the National Troupe of Nigeria, said he had the rare opportunity to represent Nigeria at festivals all over the world. “I’m proud to have done that for Nigeria”, he said.
Kunle also revealed that as a trained actor, he can work anywhere saying he is gifted in interpreting both the Yoruba and English roles. He played Chief Fuji in Fuji House of Commotion for a long time which made people to stereotyped him as a comedian.

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“It’s unfortunate because I’ve had to correct some people who call me a comedian. I’m an actor and a well-trained one at that. It just happens that many of the jobs I get are on the comedy side. Because, people have in some way stereotyped me but I’ve tried to break it by doing other serious drama that people were not used to”.
Kunle reveals he is a big fan of Arsenal. He also said that he is not fashionistic, saying his mood dictates what he wears most times saying he doesn’t dress his age, but prefer to dress young and remain comfortable in his jeans and shirt. He would rather wear Nigerian attire and suit for formal occasions. He reads his bible regularly.

His Personal Life
Kunle Bamtefa is married with children.

His Net Worth
Kunle Bamtefa is indeed a veteran, living legend and a strong pillar of Nigerian entertainment industry rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of $700,000 dollars.


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