Biography And Net Worth Of Chinyere Wilfred


Chinyere Wilfred is a veteran Nigerian Nollywood actress, television personality, producer, a Philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Born in March 23, 1970 at Aguluegechukwu, a village in Anambra State in South Eastern Nigeria. Chinyere grew up in Lagos and is doing brilliantly well in her acting profession.

She had her primary and secondary education in Lagos in South Western Nigeria and thereafter proceeded to have HND in Computer Science in Lagos Polytechnic. This happens to be the  starting point in her acting career.

Chinyere Wilfred’s movie “Taboo” actually brought her to fame in the Nollywood industry. Another movie, Nollywood blockbuster movie “Ripples” earned her Best Actress in Supporting role at the African Movie Academy Awards.

Chinyere has featured in well over 200 movies since her career in acting. Others are “Oh Mother”, “Polygamy”, “Range Rovers” etc and she is rated one of the most gifted, talented and highest paid actresses in Nigeria.

Her role in most movies in Nollywood centre on Queen, good mother, humble house wife. Again, she is known to bring in emotion to most movies as she cries a lot.

Recently, her fans have been asking of her sudden disappearance from the movie scene. In a swift reaction, Chinyere said in a colloquial language “old solder no dey die” meaning she is still very much in the movie industry.

Nollywood actress Chinyere Wilfred celebrated her birthday rencently in Lekki Lagos. The private birthday dinner which came up  at the Oriental Hotels in Lekki had in attendance  famous actors and actresses like Thelma, Ejiro Okurame, Angela Okorie, Jennifer Eliogu and many others.

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Her Awards

Chinyere’s awards are many. They include:

  • Best Actress in Supporting Role by African Movie Academy Awards.
  • Best Actress of the year by African Magic Viewers Choice Awards
  • Best Actress Heading Role Nollywood Awards
  • Best Actress Golden Icon Main Academy Awards
  • Most provision by City People Awards and many others.


Chinyere Wilfred is married with 3 children. In her words, “there wouldn’t have been this Chinyere Wilfred that you know. I think it is proper for parents to allow their kids to follow their dream. When you are on location, do you fear that your beloved husband could be out there chasing other babes”?



Chinyere Wilfred has a large collection of movies to her credit. They include:

  • A Piece of Flesh,
  • Playing Games
  • Obligation
  • Wages
  • Oh Mother
  • One Week
  • On Trouble
  • The Legend
  • Gun Power and most recent
  • Flirting With Fifty in 2017

Her Net Worth

Chinyere Wilfred is a beautiful woman and one of the richest, talented, gifted and influential Nigerian Actresses.

Her net worth is about $1.5 million dollars.




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