70 Excellent Report Cards Comments         


Report cards comments are records of students’ performance in the classroom without making anybody feel bad. The comments also give you an insight into what actual report card comments should look like.

It is important therefore to begin a comment by stating generally how happy and pleasant in teaching a child or ward, or how much a child is learning and growing.

The 70 report cards comments are:

  • The student is an enthusiastic learner with strong desire to learn more things every day. This is marvelous.


  • He tackles new challenges voraciously and with a strong positive attitude. Don’t be wearied.


  • Your child has made a remarkable improvement in his or her academic prowess and I am proud about it.


  • It has truly been a pleasure knowing your child this time around for his or her great progress in academic performance.


  • It is indeed my great joy as your child is making great progress in his academic enterprise this session.


  • Your child is doing a good job setting a good record across the curriculum since the beginning of the school year.


  • Your child’s sudden positive change in his or her academic and social progress this quarter, is something to be proud of.


  • It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to teach your child, taking pride in his work and doing her assignments creditably.


  • He has made very good academic and social progress in his school work and this is highly commendable.


  • Your child has done a very nice job this quarter, taking pride in her work and completing assignments with quality in mind.


  • Your child continues to wax stronger in his or her academic performance this quarter and I encourage him not to loose focus.


  • I am encouraged to teach your child because she is hungry to learn everyday and this is something to be proud of.


  • Your child has performed excellently well this time around and is my pleasure having the opportunity to work with him.


  • She comes to school each day with a smile and readiness to learn more things.



  • He has shown perseverance in all he does and this rare friendly character makes him a role model for classmates.


  • Your child has many insightful ideas to share with his classmates and this singular act has prepared him for greatness. Is a brilliant and welcome development.
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  • She has a cheery demeanor that has made her a friend to many in our classroom. Is worth commendable.


  • Your child is indeed an active participant in academic and social activities and a role model for his classmates. This is really great.


  • He is gifted with common sense to tackle problems independently and in a positive manner. Is something to be proud of.



  • He or She adapts easily to new situations and is a welcome step to greatness.


  • He is an active participant in his class work and has become a reference point among his contemporary. What a marvelous deed!


  • Your child puts evident effort into his work as he does his assignments with quality in mind. Is an encouraged performance.


  • He has shown good example to others by being friendly, caring and perseverance in all he does. This is an exemplary conduct.


  • He has consistently and vigorously makes good choices in every area of the school day. His choice is amazing.


  • She has in recent time put up a behavior that sets a standard for others in our class. I encourage you to continue to lead by example.


  • He has proved able to separate work and social times. This is a wonderful testimony.


  • Your child is very humble and polite to adults and peers alike in and out of the classroom. I urge you to continue the good work.


  • His humility is an asset which manages his feelings and emotions well in the classroom. Please, don’t deviate from this.


  • Your child reacts promptly and appropriately in adverse situations both in and outside the classroom. This is really good and beautiful, please be encouraged.


  • He is a role model for our class with his good behavior. Remain a good role model.


  • He is exceptionally good and demonstrates his competence for others in our class. Your performance is well deserved.


  • His daily assignments always up to dates in a timely manner. Please, maintain the good work


  • Your child is well behaved and stays focused on the task ahead. The conduct is satisfactory.



  • He is punctual, committed and does his school work on time and well done. This is indeed a good conduct.


  • She consistently manages her time well in personal best effort on a daily basis. Is a brilliant effort.
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  • He is a self-motivated student and this personal attribute has galvanized him into an exceptional academic records. I am very happy about it.


  • Your child has over time remained focused on the academic and social task at hand. He is really doing what is good.


  • His strong determination to excel in academic work through hard work, has earned him excellent results. Please, keep the flag flying.


  • Your child is an inquisitive learner with an attendant analyzing tools and making new discoveries in academic and social activities. This is amazingly great.


  • He has laid solid foundation for himself through hard work and perseverance on challenging academic assignments. What a brilliant performance!


  • He has continued to make progress in both academic and social activities by making new discoveries in all parts of the school day. He is indeed doing exploits.


  • Your child is indeed a good listener, who is always willing to help others and add value to what other have to say. I am impressed.


  • He builds on other’s ideas and expresses her own clearly and persuasively. Is a brilliant performance.


  • Your child is purposeful in his school assignments with lots of focus and attention. He will be a star.


  • She is an active listener who asks and answers questions that demonstrate understanding. You are doing very well.


  • He actively solve a challenging assignments carefully and conscientiously to get quality result. I feel glad about that.


  • He is well behaved pays rapt attention to academic work and a pacesetter for others to follow. I encourage you to continue to lead by example.


  • He applies higher level thinking strategies to new situations in order to achieve good results. This is beautiful.


  • He handles challenging academic work with his classmates appropriately and diplomatically. More grace to your elbow.


  • Your child has a passion for academic work and ensure that others are carried along. Continue to shine on.


  • He gets along well with others in the classroom and on the playground. Please, keep it up always.



  • He has a strong passion for every subject he puts into every single assignment. Don’t relent in your good work.


  • He has a good sense of story structure. He is able to identify the setting, characters, problem, and solution. I appreciate every bit of your work.


  • He is gifted for reading stamina. He is able to read for consecutive minutes with good results. Is fantastic.
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  • He does his works well and participates in small, guided reading groups. You are an amazing student, and you truly shine!


  • She has shown remarkable improvement in her assignments and other practical work over the past several weeks. Keep it up.


  • His handwriting has been a joy to read over the past few weeks. I appreciate the good work done.


  • She has good language arts skills that continue to blossom, especially in the areas of communication and diction. Continue on your good work.


  • Your child has over time built on his academic work with his thoughts and ideas clearly. I am proud of all he has accomplished.


  • There is strong organization and co-ordination of opinion in your child’s academic work with well thought-out and supportive reasoning. You are doing a good job indeed.


  • She has a strong coordination in her writing. She dwells on topic and uses relevant details to expand upon great written thoughts. Please be encouraged.


  • Your child has suddenly improved in his basic mathematics facts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). It gives me joy.


  • Your child employs various means or strategies to solve one and two-step word problems. Is a job well done.


  • Your child has improved in his academic work and to my greatest joy, he knows the relationship between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division.


  • What a great thing! He can identify the attributes of two- and three-dimensional objects.


  • He now uses data from charts and graphs to solve mathematical problems. Bravo!


  • I am so proud of all you have accomplished. Keep up the wonderful things you are doing!


  • His inordinate ambition to be great in life is indeed a reflection of his academic achievements in recent time.

In summary, I strongly hope these 70 excellent report cards comments will save you the trouble of what to write about your students and pupils while helping you to build a record of their achievements.

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